These are a few common drainage problems harmful to your house

These are a few common drainage problems harmful to your house  24th November 2022

Most households should foresee drainage issues. We can only hope that the drains in our homes are in good condition because they are out of our sight. But several early indicators alert us to a drainage issue. If left unattended, these drainage concerns put people at risk and give rise to crises like safety, health, and financial problems when dealing with poor drainage conditions.

Seven typical drainage issues have been discovered to guarantee a flawless drainage system by sorting these issues:

1. Even with safety precautions, a clog in the drain system is unavoidable, and people flush many things down into the drain. Although it might begin as a slow-moving drain, it could eventually worsen and end up blocked. It is crucial to try an at-home fix for a blockage as soon as it gets noticed.

2. The installation, regular cleaning, and maintenance of gutters and downspouts are essential for the exteriors of dwellings. Numerous issues have arisen when several people take responsibility for their work independently. Both insufficient pipe installation and a lack of plumbing experience are the leading causes. If pipes aren't put in the right way, they can cause plumbing issues, broken tubes, and other property damage, along with the improper passage of sewage.

3. Drain pipes are subjected to a lot of wear and tear, resulting in fractures or cracks that cause the pipes to have open joints. Water leaks from these cracks could result in serious issues in the neighbourhood and even structural damage. Another indication of leaks and an excess of moisture is the development of mould. Pest infestations that enter through pipeline cracks are another issue about pipe breaking and leakage. Fortunately, one can easily fix these problems with prompt diagnosis.

4. With the right slope, water will flow away from the house. It has a big effect on the slope of the land so that the drainage moves away from buildings, especially in places that need to be paved, like parking lots and driveways. Sometimes, the builder might get this wrong and let water seep in or get stuck in the structure, damaging the walls.

5. The growth of plants can be dangerous to plumbing. In the trenches built around pipes and drains, tree roots can obstruct or destroy pipework as they develop and spread. They can enter the drainage system through openings, mainly already-damaged joints. They usually leave a mess of odours and have significant health risks.

6. Heavy rain or storms and the debris they leave behind can cause clogs, floods, or overflows in the drainage system if not appropriately covered.

7. Flooding can put pressure on pipes and can damage the ground. An inadequate drainage system or pipes is another sign of outdoor flooding.

8. Assume your house is next door to your neighbour's. Even if you take all the proper steps, there is still a chance that water from your neighbours' properties will cause damage to your property. It can occur because of a flood on their land or simply because your property is lower than theirs. To prevent water runoff from the neighbours, you must take the appropriate actions and ask for effective waterproofing of the floor.

These problems show how important it is to keep up with drainage system maintenance to avoid extreme issues. Even though most drainage problems aren't evident at first glance, the above points will help you figure out what's wrong and how to fix it.

Conduct periodic inspections of your house's drainage system and look for damages in the pipes, sinks, or ducts. Immediately call the experts to fix it before the issue becomes severe. Ensure regular cleaning of the drains to avoid clogging and unwanted growth of plants. To deal with other problems related to the well-being of your home, like protection from damages to belongings due to natural calamities and other issues like riots, invest in a reliable home insurance India policy. This will provide you with optimum coverage for your home financial support by compensating for the damages caused.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.