These are a few mistakes done by riders with short height

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These are a few mistakes done by riders with short height  29th March 2022


There is no denying that riding bikes is a dangerous sport. It requires a lot of focus, physical work, mental stability, and risk-taking ability. It is an expensive hobby or passion to take up. Professional riding bikes are costly, and the riding gears demand a heavy investment.

While no sport is supposed to discriminate between different attributes of the sportspersons, the short-heightened riders need to be a little careful while riding their bikes. It can be a bit difficult for them to control their bikes due to their short height. Short riders can make a few mistakes out of no will of their own but due to their physical features.

How would you identify the errors these riders are making? This blog will discuss those discrepancies caused by the riders.

1. Not paying attention to the gear:
It is alright if you do not want to purchase the most expensive biking gear available. But skipping out on paying attention to the gear, quality gloves, and boots could negatively affect your riding. Boots keep your feet in position, and the heels give you a certain height which would help you gain control of the handlebar and the bike in a better manner. Premium quality gloves would help you handle the control of your bike and avoid any slips of the gears, throttle, steering, and clutch, even on tricky and rocky terrains.
The gloves and the boots solve your height issues and give you better control of the bike. They help you avoid any accidents or compromise your safety. You would be more efficient and capable of managing the bike better and have a comfortable journey.

2. Not working on your driving skills:
Several riders with short height pay way too much attention to the hardware of the bikes. While it is essential to learn and have a detailed understanding of the features and the hardware that goes into building the bike and making it function properly, it is equally important to work on your driving skills.
Honing your skills would help you achieve better control in stressful situations and increase your response skills which would come in handy when you have a sudden decision to make while riding. You can focus on specific skills that would help you maximize your bike's output, not put your safety at risk and gain better access and control of the motorcycle, thus nullifying the issues that might come with having a short height.

3. Position your bike correctly:
Learn how to change your motorcycle positioning. If you have plans to lower it, think again. You will reduce the ground clearance, which will affect your ability to lean your bike correctly. This might also increase your chances of sudden falls and possibility of disbalance putting your safety and bike performance at risk.

Some other things you can take care of are leaning left while stopping, practicing with a good bike on which you can put your feet flat on the ground, etc.

That’s a wrap on the few mistakes made by short-height riders. While we discussed the specific type of riders here, such mishaps are not only limited to short-height riders. A bike can get severely damaged in all these scenarios, and the rider’s safety can be compromised. Get your bike insured to avoid such risks and cover the damages involved in sudden circumstances. You can explore your options, purchase two wheeler insurance online India, get the best premium with plethora of benefits, and stay financially stress-free.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.