These can be the probable reasons for your bike failing to start

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These can be the probable reasons for your bike failing to start  29th March 2022


It can be highly frustrating for any rider to turn the key in the ignition, and the vehicle fails to start. There are several reasons for your bike giving way and facing trouble starting smoothly. While a motorcycle's design is simple to understand, it can be challenging to point out the reasons for these ignition issues. However, knowing about the possible reasons causing these issues is essential in maintaining your vehicle and fixing these problems.

You may consider the extreme winter season to be the main reason your bike fails to start, but there are several more. While you can always rely on bike insurance for critical problems, you can read the points below to learn the probable reasons for the two-wheeler failing to start.

1. The battery is weak or dead:
Some two-wheelers are designed to start using an electric self-start. Their motor is dependent on the battery. If this motorcycle does not start when you press the self-start button, it could be because the battery did not transfer a sufficient charge to kickstart the motor.
A weak or dead battery cannot provide this high voltage to the engine, and therefore, the electric self-start won't be operational. In this case, you may have to call a mechanic to either recharge or replace your bike's battery.

2. Too cold:
This frozen state of the bike is caused mainly due to extreme cold weather conditions. Combustion doesn't occur correctly as the gasoline in the vehicle doesn't evaporate when mixed with air. There might be ice build-up that is causing the malfunction. You can use a space heater directly on the engine for 15-20 mins to get your motor running.

3. The fuel tank vent is clogged:
Since the fuel tank vent in most motorcycles is too narrow, it becomes inconvenient to supply fuel to the intake system consistently. The vent can get clogged due to no regular maintenance and cleaning, and the fuel supply gets restricted. If you find yourself stuck in this mess, try to unclog the duct with a thin pin or get it cleaned.

4. Blocking intake or exhaust:
A blocked airbox or a blocked muffler exit may be another significant reason your bike won’t start easily. The motorcycle’s mechanism is dependent on the intake and exhaust system, and your bike will give away if it is restricted or clogged for some reason. Get it checked by a professional as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

5. The clutch does not engage properly:
The clutch lever needs to be correctly pulled to start your bike successfully. Often, problems can occur in the ignition when the clutch does not engage correctly. Try again by bringing your transmission into neutral and then starting the bike. Sometimes, riders turn off their bike while in gear and forget to put it back into neutral. You must set your bike into neutral and start again.

6. Problems with the spark plug wire:
A loose or cracked spark plug wire can also cause your bike to fail to start. Constant heating of the engine will eventually deteriorate the material of the wires in the motorcycle over time. Places with extreme weather conditions can be a catalyst in the cracking of the spark plug wire. If you find any cracks or slits in your bike's wires, replace them to avoid any issues.

These are a few likely reasons why your bike may fail to start. While investing in a reliable bike insurance plan can secure your vehicle by covering the expenses involved in the garage repairs, it is essential to know about the issues that could arise with your two-wheeler. Being aware and getting to the root of every problem can avoid future losses.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.