These cultural fairs must be on your bucket list for the next family vacation

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These cultural fairs must be on your bucket list for the next family vacation  24th September 2022

India’s cultural diversity is like no other nations. With every few sq. km, you can experience a new language, culture, values, and most importantly - food! While everything else changes, the warmth of the people of India stays unchanged. Every region organises different fairs that celebrate their culture and religion.

These fairs are essential to the cultural identity of different regions. They also provide great entertainment for tourists and boost tourism in these areas. These traditional fairs make for great family vacations where tourists can enjoy the rich heritage and different customs unknown to them.

While these cultural fairs are great for vacations, they also bring along the risk of being exposed to new environments, activities, and the potential risks of accidents. You must purchase travel insurance from a general insurance company to protect yourself and your family against such incidents.

After ensuring that you have an active travel insurance policy, you are all set to explore these famous cultural fairs to learn more about the cultural integrity of India.

1. Jaipur Literature Festival:
The Jaipur Literature Festival is a unique celebration held over five days that promotes literature, ideas, and discourse from eminent authors. It is the world’s largest free literary festival that provides a platform for intellectual discussions and for local artisans to showcase their handicrafts. The music stage is another attraction that draws massive crowds and provides a stage for up-and-coming local artists.

2. Uttarayan Festival:
The International Kite Festival, held in multiple cities of Gujarat like Ahmedabad, Rajkot, and Surat, draws people from all across the world. The Kite Festival begins in Uttarayan, similar to the Uttarayani Festival, which celebrates the approaching harvest season. The festival features regional Gujarati delicacies enjoyed by thousands of fairgoers.

3. Hornbill Festival:
The indigenous people of Nagaland celebrate the Hornbill Fest. The state government organises it to promote harmony amongst various tribes and protect their culture. Held in Kisama, the festival displays the varied traditions and arts of tribes.
A music festival and rock contest are also held during the same period attracting many tourists. Visiting the festival provides insight into the Naga arts, sports, music, food, culture, handicrafts, and more.

4. Rann Utsav:
Rann Utsav is celebrated in the Rann of Kutch, Gujarat. The white desert festival lasts over four months and celebrates artisans, folk dance and music, traditional handicrafts, and culture. It provides a great boost to the economy and engages visitors in a plethora of activities that keep them busy throughout their stay. The unique feature of this fair is the provision of luxurious campsites that keep visitors satisfied without compromising on luxury while enjoying the culture of Kutch.

5. Kumbh Mela:
Celebrated four times over a cycle of 12 years, the Kumbh Mela is the biggest fair organised in India. The site of the fair changes every time it occurs. The Mela at Prayag attracts the most pilgrims of the four sites. If you wish to experience religion and unified diversity, Kumbh Mela is the perfect fair to do so. The visitors to the fair come from different walks of life and come together to stay true to their religious beliefs.

6. Baisakhi Mela:
Baisakhi is the festival that celebrates the onset of spring. Similar to Makar Sankranti, it is celebrated in the state of Punjab, which is a primarily agricultural state. It marks the beginning of the Sikh New Year and begins with a round of prayers in the morning at the local Gurudwara. Langar, Bhangra, and Gidda usually follow throughout the day. The Baisakhi Mela also includes stalls set up by local artisans and local performing artists where you can enjoy the traditional vibe of Punjab.

Each region celebrates festivals differently and has its unique charm. While some are lively, others are more focused on culture and traditions. Experiencing the cultures of different regions is an unmissable opportunity that must be taken with care. The best way to do so is by purchasing an insurance policy from a general insurance company that keeps you and your family safe throughout your trip.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.