These exciting ideas can increase the longevity of your car

These exciting ideas can increase the longevity of your car  11th January 2023

Buying a car is an exciting process that takes lots of planning, budgeting, and sacrifices to finally achieve your goal of owning a vehicle. Especially amid economic uncertainties, it becomes essential to maintain these high-value purchases to minimise the effect of depreciation.

While insuring your vehicle with the best car insurance India policy is one way, taking effective care is another to minimise wear and tear and keep your car in its best shape. This ensures its longevity and also yields a greater resale value for you.

Apart from regular maintenance, keep these lesser-talked-about tips in mind to increase your car's lifespan!

1. Inspect your engine light:
The engine is the heart of your car. The vehicle’s check engine light indicates potential problems that may require urgent inspection. Often, drivers do not heed the indication and allow the issue to persist for a while before they notice it and get it checked, by which the problem has already escalated.

2. Protect your car from the sun:
Just as harsh sun rays damage humans, cars that stay in direct sunlight are likely to suffer damage to the paint and interiors, resulting in increased maintenance costs in the long run. Ideally, park your car in a garage or shade. In case not possible, invest in a quality sun cover and interior shades that keep the cabin cool.

3. Organise your trips effectively:
This may come as a bummer for driving enthusiasts, but instead of multiple short trips for your daily errands, club your tasks together to reduce the wear of your engine.

4. Ensure you break-in properly:
After buying your new car, ensure you break in as per the manufacturer's guidelines in the manual. Generally, it is recommended to keep your speed under 80 kmph for the first 1600 km without excessive load.

5. Keep your car clean:
It may seem like a hassle to focus on keeping your car clean at all times, but we often underestimate the damage accumulated dirt, road tar, and rust can do to your vehicle's appearance. A quick cleanup once or twice a week with a car cover to protect it when parked can go a long way in maintaining your car after regular waxing and cleaning services.

6. Keep your keychain bunch light:
It may seem like an unrelated tip, but it is best to avoid linking other keys and accessories to your car key. A heavy bunch in the ignition will likely bounce around while the vehicle is in motion. The weight and movement together can wear out the ignition ridges and lead to ignition switch failure.

7. Choose a comprehensive insurance:
While buying car insurance India, make sure to check the features and ensure that the exclusions are minimal. It is ideal to purchase an add-on feature that covers any exclusions to provide complete coverage for any damages that may occur.

8. Prepare appropriately for long-term storage:
If you do not continuously use your car for more than a month, leaving it in the parking may not be the best option. Fill up fuel and consider adding a stabiliser after consulting an expert. Ensure to disconnect and remove the battery when discontinuing use for long periods to prevent draining.

Good maintenance is key to increasing the longevity of your car. By following appropriate driving guidelines and the manufacturer's instructions with regular servicing supplemented by purchasing comprehensive car insurance India, you can ensure that your vehicle stays in its best form for long periods!

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.