These smart tips can help you plan the most exciting long weekend trips

These smart tips can help you plan the most exciting long weekend trips  28th January 2023

Hectic schedules have evolved into the new normal over time. The constant pressure to excel in various dimensions of life makes it challenging to take a moment out for yourself with an occasional break. For working professionals, no period is cherished more than a long weekend. The joy of a prolonged break from the monotonous daily life is a welcome change, during which many people plan to travel.

Long weekends allow you for short getaways with just enough time to visit places and plan shorter itineraries. Consider these quick tips to plan your solo adventure or family trip on the upcoming long weekends in 2023.

1. Identify a key interest:
Identifying purpose is an essential step in planning for any holiday. Due to time restrictions, satisfying some of your travel bucket list goals may only be possible. Therefore, pursue the top interests from your priority list. This may be nature observation, seeking the thrill of adventure, or a leisurely getaway. Identifying the purpose of the trip helps plan efficiently and narrow down choices of the destination and itineraries.

2. Plan your trip loosely:
We tend to do excessive planning to experience a perfect holiday. While that may help for more prolonged travel plans, tightly packing your schedules on long weekend trips often leads to disappointment. It is ideal to choose a couple of destinations or popular attractions to explore per day instead of allocating timelines to each activity.

3. Travel light:
Short trips often call for impulsive decisions on the move. Travelling with required luggage instead of excess will help you travel quickly at the spur of the moment without considering modes of transportation. Consider choosing backpacks instead of conventional trolley bags.

4. Make reasonable budgets and plan accordingly:
Travellers often underestimate the expected expenditure of trips, irrespective of duration. Analyse your finances before making decisions and set clear limits for budgeted costs. This way, you can plan accordingly without letting your finances take a hit and don't have to compromise on the experience!

5. Consider immersive travel:
Experiencing an unknown culture is the best break from your routine. Immersive travel is slowly gaining popularity as tourists shift their priorities from extravagant, luxurious trips to authentic, local exposure. These trips do not require excessive planning or budget and will leave you with memories that last a lifetime.
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6. Explore your alternatives while booking:
We advise planning for your long weekend trip in advance to avail the best deals on accommodation, commute, and activities. Booking facilities at the eleventh hour often means paying inflated prices due to the high demand for hotels. Use online price comparisons for hotels and excursions to get the most significant value for the cost.

7. Make use of your time efficiently:
We get it; being on vacation means steering clear of routines and alarms. However, wake up early to experience destinations around nature, outdoor activities, and local explorations to make the most of your long weekend. But if you're on a leisurely break, feel free to sleep and replenish your energy!

The perfect long weekend trip does not require excessive planning. Consider the above tips, and get a general insurance online quote to protect yourself and your loved ones to plan the most rewarding weekend trips. With multiple long weekends coming in 2023, get ready to ignite the traveller within you. Create a flexible itinerary focused on your interests without stressing over time- and you have an ideal travel plan customised just for you!

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.