These tips will save you from stressing on your daily long-distance commute

These tips will save you from stressing on your daily long-distance commute  27th February 2023

As the pandemic's effects subside and we return to offices, the stress associated with commuting has returned. Every weekday, most office workers face a huge challenge in the morning of whether travelling upwards of an hour one-way is worth their compensation.

Whether you choose private or public modes of transport, here are some tips and tricks to relieve stress from your daily commute.

1. Prepare the night before and leave earlier:
Hectic mornings increase stress levels during the commute, which results in irritation and reduced productivity. Worrying about being late every day can be very stress-inducing. To combat this, start preparing for your day ahead at night. Keep your work clothes and meals ready, and finish all your work. This will lead to a less stressful morning, resulting in you leaving 10 minutes earlier and not worrying about delays in reaching.

2. Try to commute actively:
Commuting via personal transport, such as a car or bike, can cause health issues. The best way to go about this is to walk or cycle as part of your commute if your work location is not far. This is known as an active commute, and it will drastically change the way you travel. Exercising on your way to work releases endorphins and improves mental and physical health. If walking or biking is not possible, try to take public transport. It increases your activity and reduces stress levels significantly.

3. Detach from the digital world:
In the age of social media, it is increasingly challenging to focus on oneself rather than what people on the internet are doing. It is essential to go off the grid for your mental health.
Your daily commute could be your time to read a new book, watch the view outside, or focus on yourself with meditation. Meditation has been a proven method of giving the brain the rest it deserves, and whether it be guided meditation or simply focusing inward, it will surely benefit you.

4. Try getting flexible hours:
It makes absolutely no sense sometimes that everyone has the same office hours. This causes the "rush hour," which is impossible to tolerate five days a week. If this is an option, ask your office for flexible hours, so you can come in before the rush hour and leave earlier too.
If this is not an option in your company, find some activities around your workplace before leaving for the day, like working out or reading a book in a nearby park. This way, you'll be able to avoid rush hour.

5. Try to buddy up for a long commute:
If you find driving incredibly dull and tedious, one way to improve it is to find neighbours who go to the same area for work and carpool with them. This way, the pressure of driving does not fall on you every single day, and you can chat with people along the journey. Ensure that you purchase new motor insurance or avail of online motor insurance renewal facilities to protect yourself and your car against the financial burden of accidents.

6. Stretch it out:
Keep stretching those aching muscles! Even when you're the one driving, always keep adjusting your neck and back, so they don't cramp up and give you further pain.

In conclusion, since long-distance commutes are an inescapable necessity in the urban lifestyle, effective management techniques are becoming essential to prevent strain on your mood and physical well-being. We recommend alternative commute methods to private transport for the best impact on your health. However, in case of no option but to travel by vehicle, ensure that you protect yourself against accidents. Check for your insurance status and get online motor insurance renewal before the due date.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.