These village tours in India will melt your hearts with immersive experiences

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These village tours in India will melt your hearts with immersive experiences  23rd September 2022

India is a country with diverse topography, culture, and people. Since the urbanisation boom, most of our population has shifted from villages to cities in search of opportunities and better lives.

Recent trends indicate a welcome change as the increasing number of people are opting for village tours to experience rural life in stark contrast to the everyday bustle of the cities. These village tours help support the rural economy and boost tourism.

The unparalleled experiences in remote villages are an experience like no other. These tours provide a glance at everyday village life, including the local cultures, food, and lifestyle. These experiences can significantly change the way we perceive life.

What to expect from village tours?
Village tours are a great way to get an idea of what village life looks like for a short period. It is an immersive experience where you can interact with villagers and be amongst the common folk. You can feel the sense of community engagement while enjoying the pristine rural background.
Some tours also provide a luxurious experience through well-built camps equipped with all the requisite amenities. However, as you are stepping into a lifestyle unknown to you, it is best to be prudent and insure yourself and your fellow travellers. If you do not yet have a travel insurance policy, you can consider purchasing online general insurance that covers accidental mishaps.

Following are some of the best villages tours in India;

1. Kutch:
The white desert in Gujarat is home to several villages where they continue to preserve and exhibit their traditions, culture, and handicrafts. While the desert has plenty to explore, the villages provide an opportunity to live in clusters of mud huts and engage in the daily activities of the Kutchi people.

2. Punjab:
Punjab is an ideal place to experience village life. With a majority of people engaged in agriculture and allied activities, the hospitable villagers of Punjab are great hosts for facilitating this experience. One can experience tractor rides, farming activities based on the season, and learn more about their culture. All of this can be done in vast fields with clear skies in the backdrop- how much better can it get?

3. Wayanad:
The district at an altitude is home to some of the oldest tribal villages. The North Kerala cuisine, coffee plantations, bamboo handicrafts, and workshops are highlights of visiting the villages of Wayanad. Depending on the season, you can try your hand at working in the vast plantain orchards and coconut plantations.

4. Spiti Valley:
Spiti Valley is a cold desert in Himachal Pradesh with small villages spread over the region. Although the villages are sparsely populated and very remote, they provide a unique experience. The unfamiliar surroundings in the mountains may seem cold, but the warmth of the people makes up for it.
The locals are excellent guides to take you sightseeing and can help make the most of your trip while bonding with your hosts.

5. Sunderbans:
Known for being the land native to the Royal Bengal Tiger and swampy marshlands, several villages are located in the Sunderbans. Walks in the villages, exploring the mangroves, and basking in the humid climate are what your days would look like on a village tour to Sunderbans.

Irrespective of the village you choose to explore, you will be greeted by enthusiastic and hospitable hosts who will do their utmost to make your stay enjoyable and comfortable. Your hosts will ensure to engage you in a trip that will leave you feeling like you're amongst them without missing out on any luxuries or facing any inconveniences.

Our only tip to you before you book your trip would be to look into the terrain and climate and pack accordingly. Be aware of the risks associated with the area you're visiting and ensure that your insurance covers the same. If not, you can always buy online general insurance that can keep you protected at all times.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.