Things to know before planning a trip with family group on a bike

Things to know before planning a trip with family group on a bike  27th June 2022

Riding a motorcycle provides the exciting feeling of being out in the open air and experiencing the beauty of the landscape. While riding alone is sometimes the goal, hanging out with family is one of the most enjoyable motorcycle experiences.

There's no doubt that motorbike road trips can be fun. However, road travel is more than just filling up the tank and driving to your destination. There's a considerable difference between riding a motorcycle down a local street on a Sunday afternoon and travelling hundreds of kilometres across a state.

A bike trip with the whole family is a great way to have fun and gather unforgettable memories. However, the happiest adventures typically begin with meticulous planning, so remember these four tips before your next family ride. Also, make sure you have a valid two-wheeler insurance policy before going on a trip. Now that insurance firms have gone digital, you may quickly purchase bike insurance online and protect yourself from unexpected costs.

1. Pre-ride meeting:

The group can plan the itinerary and route to the destination or any halting spot along the road. The primary goal is to travel safely. Therefore, determining who would lead the group is crucial to the family's safety. The leader should be aware of the group's path and identify any unique communication signals required to keep safe and connected.

2. Hand signals:

Hand signals to aid in group organisation and coordination while on the road. Knowing how to use hand signals is essential for people in charge of the group, as these signals alert the rest of the group to upcoming circumstances. As a result, ensure your partner knows how to signal a fuel stop or a road danger and how to slow down, accelerate up, or overtake other vehicles.

3. Staggered formation:

When riding in a group, ensure adequate room between two riders within their lane. Maintaining tight formation allows you and other riders a clear view. So, stagger yourself within a lane and avoid side-by-side formations.

4. Know the group:

Each member of the family will have a different level of riding experience. The goal is to keep each rider comfortable and safe; thus, keeping the least experienced members in the middle of the group is essential. This stance will provide them with a visual guide from riders in front of them, indicating upcoming items to be aware of, like traffic.
The riders in the lead and tail should have the most experience because they can best adjust to traffic and shield the others from traffic and road debris. Your most inexperienced bikers should also figure out when and where to rest.

A family trip on a bike is all about cooperation and communication, so follow the rules, and everyone will have a good time. As you prepare for the next family ride, keep these practical suggestions in mind to keep you and your company safe. Another valuable tip for motorcycle riders is regularly reviewing their bike insurance policy. If you require a review, get in touch with an insurance agent or visit the company's website for a quote as soon as possible.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.