Things you should know before buying health insurance for pre-existing illness

Things you should know before buying health insurance for pre-existing illness  19th October 2022

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and medical emergencies are among them. And the rising healthcare costs in India make a health insurance policy obligatory.

However, with so many alternatives available, selecting an insurance policy that fits the needs of people having pre-existing diseases cannot be easy.

What does pre-existing illness mean?

Pre-existing illness refers to the medical conditions the insured has before investing in a health insurance plan. A few examples of pre-existing illnesses include diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, cancer, etc. The insured must be transparent about all pre-existing health conditions with the insurance provider while purchasing the policy.

Here's a quick breakdown of the factors to consider when purchasing the best health insurance policy for you and your family considering pre-existing conditions.

1. Inclusions of the plan:
Selecting a policy that covers everything under the sun is unwise. It is always better to choose specific features. Further, you must also check what is or isn't covered by the insurance company if you need to file a claim with pre-existing health conditions.

2. All necessary costs to consider:
It is always best to control the price of your health insurance premium. You wouldn't want the cost of your medical bills to spiral out of control. Remember that you need hospitalisation coverage as well as outpatient coverage to get better benefits in the long run. People with pre-existing conditions need to consider the policy that addresses insurance benefits for such features.

3. Taking health insurance at the earliest:
Some people think they will get a health policy when they reach their fifties or sixties. However, this is a dangerous assumption. Going in for health insurance at a younger age can help you save substantially on the premium because insurers are often more willing to offer discounts to young and healthy individuals.

4. The waiting period:
The waiting period is an essential feature of your health insurance policy. You should check whether the company offers any waiting period and, if there is one, how long it is. Typically, you must pay a waiting period, and your insurer will reimburse you.
Insurance providers don't easily offer health coverage to people with pre-existing illnesses. The waiting period for pre-existing diseases ranges between 2 to 4 years. You can avail of the pre-existing diseases coverage after 48 months from the diagnosis of your pre-existing illness. You need to verify your insurance provider's terms and conditions to make claims during the waiting period.

5. Exclusions of the plan:
While selecting a health insurance policy, it is essential to understand the exclusion clause of the plan. This clause is applicable only in specific circumstances, and you must be certain of it before signing up for the policy. Some common exclusions include having health issues caused by excess weight.
Further, ensure you know of any service exclusions under any particular policy. For instance, if you require a specific type of care, it may not be covered under the plan. Sometimes, it is better to go for a higher-tiered plan to get above-the-line coverage to avoid such complications.

6. Hospitalisation coverage:
In addition to medical and diagnostic care, you need hospitalisation or short-term coverage. It is crucial because adverse effects of pre-existing diseases can make you visit the hospital. It would be best if your plan provides coverage for these needs.

You now know that the pre-existing condition clause is an aspect you must check before selecting a health insurance policy. It states whether the insurer will cover your medical expenses if you are diagnosed with a pre-existing condition in the future. It is crucial to research this clause thoroughly before opting for the plan. However, the most important thing is to invest in reliable health insurance because it provides financial security in medical emergencies for you and your family.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.