Top car care tips during the summer season

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Top car care tips during the summer season  23rd February 2021


Be it the summer season, winters, or heavy monsoon, you need to take care of a few things to ensure your car's proper functioning and longevity. While external servicing and maintenance of your car are crucial, some particular factors ensure that your vehicle is up and running.

The summer season brings in good weather. But the drastic temperature rise can harm your car. In this space, we will discuss tips for caring for your vehicle during the summer season to keep it in good condition.

1. Cooling your engine:
Engines getting heated due to high temperatures are one of the significant causes of car breakdowns in summers. You can cool off the engine by using cooling systems in your car as recommended by the manufacturer.

2. Coolant refill:
To keep your cooling system in excellent working condition, make sure to refill the coolant according to the overflow status. According to most manufacturers, the cooling liquid mixture usually contains a fifty-fifty water to coolant ratio.

3. Inspect your car:
Some parts of your car are susceptible to heat damage and may deteriorate in high temperatures. Examine your vehicle, and replace any wear and tear or other damages as soon as possible. Also, keep an eye on the coolant leakages due to fuel expansion in summers.

4. Tyres:
Take a close look at your tyres. If they appear to be more inflated than required, get them checked. It's necessary to regularly monitor the air pressure levels in your tyres during the summers.
Failing to do so might risk a tyre blowout which can be a considerable safety risk, especially if you're on the road, examine your car tyres for signs of wear and tear and replace them if you find any damages.

5. Corrosion:
Once your vehicle reaches a specific limit, it is recommended to check your ignition system. The electrodes might corrode or wear out, so replacing the spark plugs is the solution to combat any ignition issues.

6. Air conditioning:
Examine the air conditioning of your car, especially in the summer season. Any defects leading to the disruption of the air conditioner can cause massive discomfort during your travels in such rising temperatures. Also, ensure that you inspect the compressor clutch while checking the air conditioning system.

7. Wipers:
The wipers of your car play an integral role while you're driving. They clear the windshield, making it easier to see while you drive. Replacing the wipers for the summer season with new ones would prepare you for the storms or rainy downpours midseason.

These were a few expert car care tips you will need to take care of your vehicle during the summer season. Apart from these tips, consider protecting your car against unprecedented circumstances. Emergencies like road accidents or damages to different parts of your vehicle can lead to heavy monetary expenses. To avoid paying a massive sum of money in such unforeseeable situations, you can explore various options and purchase car insurance online in India.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.