Top seven scenic driving routes of India to experience a memorable road trip

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Top seven scenic driving routes of India to experience a memorable road trip  28th December 2021


With the huge influence of Bollywood films, the idea of road trips has prompted strongly among India's youth. Air and train travel just cannot justify the excitement and adventure of road travel. They are a fantastic way to treasure the journey over the destination.

We all saw our share of the unpredictability of life during this pandemic time. Now that the economies have finally opened and the nation breathes, a road trip is an excellent idea to heal your soul. A road trip allows you to tailor your itinerary as per your preferences.

India has numerous picturesque highways where you can roll down the windows, blast the speakers and sing your favourite songs with your friends and family. We’ve put down seven handpicked routes in India to take your four-wheeled companion on an adventure of a lifetime.

1. Bangalore to Ooty:
An escape from Bangalore to Ooty will surely lift your spirits if you are a nature lover who enjoys long drives. The trip is both adventurous and scenically pleasing. You'll come across misty waterfalls, quiet creeks, and rolling green hills as you travel through this route.

2. Chennai to Munnar:
From woodlands brimming with exotic biodiversity, tea and rice plantations to villages and towns bursting with all the hues of life. And the magnificent temples give an excellent example of India's rich architectural past that has been there for many centuries. Chennai to Munnar is a route to look forward to.

3. Manali to Leh:
Famously referred to as Mecca of bikers. This route is also great for driving. It takes you through the beautiful valleys of Himachal Pradesh. You’ll come across a lot of lakes and monasteries along the way as well.

4. Delhi to Nainital:
From the capital of India to the valley of lakes! The treasures of beauty on this route are many and varied. You name anything, and you'll find it here, from exquisite natural beauty to ancient relics. This road trip will surely feed the adventurer inside you.

5. Mumbai to Goa:
The ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ route! Nothing compares to travelling from Mumbai to Goa via the Western Ghats if you enjoy driving. Within a few hundred kilometres, the scenery changes from skyscrapers to shades of green. This route is a visual treat, with blankets of verdant and countless rivers, creeks, dams, and waterfalls dotting the landscape. Coconut trees will start multiplying as you draw close to the state of Goa once you're there. And, you know what to do because what happens in Goa stays in Goa!

6. Darjeeling to Pelling:
On this route, rich tea plantations, beautiful mountains, and gorgeous views on all sides are a treat to the eyes. Visit a tea garden and drink a fresh brew for an instant caffeine boost. The highway is well maintained, providing a pleasant ride altogether, and is lined with various eateries that serve delicious food.

7. Chennai to Pondicherry:
This route, also known as the East Coast Road, is another mesmerising road that should be on your bucket list. This route is one of the finest road journeys in India and is worth checking out for its beaches and lakes. It has 14 hairpin bends, each named after a famous Tamil poet. The track is made even more beautiful by the superb road upkeep and the stunning surroundings.

Give yourself a break from the daily hustle and discover the joy of hidden pleasures through travelling. Through these different routes, we get a chance to explore the best of our nation, right from vibrant culture to the variety of food. But, it is essential to have an ideal car insurance plan and check for your car insurance renewal before heading off on any road trip. Car insurance renewal is a financial duty, and keeping it up-to-date can provide several benefits to you and your valuable possession.

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