Top tips to take care of your car windshield before leaving for a trip

Top tips to take care of your car windshield before leaving for a trip  27th February 2023

Can you imagine a car without a windshield or with a cracked windshield? A car windshield caters to various functions, such as keeping dirt and debris out of the vehicle, preventing the heat and glare from the sun, saving the driver from an impact, providing a clear front view to the driver, and much more.

Taking proper care of your car's windshield is not difficult or expensive. All you need to do is regularly check for any cracks and fix them as soon as possible. Proper care and maintenance make the windshield last longer and keep the passengers safe. Additionally, purchasing car insurance India can help shoulder the burden of replacing any car components due to an accident.

If you are planning a long trip, here are a few tips to ensure the safety of your car's windshield.

1. Review the condition of windshield:
Parking at the wrong spot, especially for long periods, can damage your car's windshield beyond repair. Due to extreme temperature exposure under direct sunlight, the windscreen gets stress cracks. Such stress cracks lead to an increase in windshield breakage risk. Moreover, such damages can get worse due to constant temperature fluctuations.
Whenever you decide to leave for a trip, ensure the windshield is in good condition to prevent glass breakage and maintain the glass's durability.

2. Fix every crack:
Before leaving for any trip, ensure your car's windshield is crack free. Ignoring small cracks or chips in their car's windshield can result in bubble formation between the cracked glass layers. Regardless of the bubbles' size, they can severely damage the windscreen if left unattended. It is essential to fix them immediately because if you don't, you might have to vent your pockets to replace the windshield after you return.

3. Replace the windshield wipers timely:
Some car owners don't know, but the windshield wiper affects the glass's health in many ways. Along with the windshield, taking care of the wipers is also essential. It is common knowledge that wipers have an internal metal structure with a rubber coating on the outside. The rubber coating wears off regularly, revealing the metal frame. Using metal on the glass can weaken it and lead to scratches. Therefore, check the condition of your wipers before leaving on your trip to prevent the exposed metal's pressure on the glass.

4. Windshield tinting:
The windshield is the largest glass surface of a car that facilitates proper traffic visibility for the driver. Since parking under shade may not always be possible, laminating your windshield may minimise the impact of harmful UV rays and block out sun glare to a certain extent to preserve the strength of the glass.
We recommend approaching a professional mechanic or your authorised car servicing centre to ensure that you adhere to the mandated visibility limit of applying laminated tints that allow a minimum of 70% light transmission. While car tinting kits are readily available, self-modification may result in your insurer rejecting your claim against car insurance India.

Considering the massive investment required to purchase and maintain your car and its components, it is essential to take preventive measures when leaving your vehicle unused for long periods. Your car demands regular care to be in its best shape and ensure effective functioning. Additionally, consider buying car insurance India to cover any replacement costs or damages that may arise from involvement in accidents.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.