Traditional vs. modern kitchen equipment: which is better for your health

Traditional vs. modern kitchen equipment: which is better for your health  27th June 2022

A kitchen is called the heart of a home for a reason. It is nothing less than a laboratory for enthusiastic food lovers. These kitchen stars love to experiment with new recipes, but they hunt for clues when it comes to kitchen remodelling.

The battle between traditional and modern kitchen equipment has been a close one. Modern technology has given us reliable, highly accurate equipment with timers that help save time. So, they are our first choice while buying utensils.

However, studies have shown that various metals used in modern kitchen utensils are detrimental to health. For example, stainless steel cookware has nickel and chromium leaching from it to cause long-term harm to an individual's health.

The revival of the traditional vs. modern kitchen equipment debate has started from the new wave of awareness about the carcinogenic properties of these everyday utensils. It has shifted the paradigm in favour of traditional equipment.

This blog strives to give you an insight into why traditional kitchen equipment is the healthier choice between the two.

1. Brass utensils:

While modern living has made us turn to the more convenient steel and glass, utensils made of old-school metals have been noted to contain many benefits. Experts have found that food stored in brass utensils preserves about 93% of nutrients.
Brass is still used abundantly in small towns and villages across the country. According to Ayurveda, it increases haemoglobin count, improves skin conditions, and pacifies pitta (aggression). Additionally, water stored in brass vessels increases strength and immunity.

2. Copper utensils:

The modern Teflon and non-stick cookware are easy to use and look great, but they may lead to health issues. The chemical that comes from the non-stick cookware is highly detrimental to your skin and may also cause liver tumours, breast cancer, infertility, and kidney disorders.
Copper is a great alternative. Research has now proved that food cooked in copper vessels is rich in collagens that offer various health advantages. Water stored in copper overnight gives the maximum benefits of this metal. It detoxifies the body, helps increase haemoglobin secretion, and helps the peristaltic movement of the gut.

3. Silverware:

Silver is an unconventional choice for cutlery these days when everyone has turned to ceramic. According to Ayurvedic science, silver is good for people with dizziness and excessive thirst. It calms down inflammation and helps people with low sperm count.
Continuing the teachings of Ayurveda, if you're a pitta type, you have a higher chance of having red, sensitive skin and are quick to anger. Using silverware will reduce your irritation and calm reactive skin.

4. Clay utensils:

These utensils help in maintaining healthy nutrients while cooking. Although it takes double the time to cook in clay pots and generally doesn't look as sophisticated as modern kitchen utensils, they preserve complete nutrition in food. An Ayurvedic study proved that eating in clay utensils relieves pain in those with rheumatoid arthritis.

Modern kitchen equipment gives a level of comfort and sophistication to our homes. The traditional utensils have a charm of their own. They may look old-fashioned compared to the modern but overshadow their health benefits. You cannot compromise with quality when it comes to health.

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