Trekking solo or with a group? Let's clear the air of confusion

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Trekking solo or with a group? Let's clear the air of confusion  30th January 2022


"The best view arrives after the hardest trek," and there is no denying that. The beautiful valleys, the breath of fresh air, the stunning views are just a few of the many rewards you get at the end of a trek. We have heard about the experiences of avid trekkers, and each of them, without fail, has mentioned that everyone should go trekking at least once in their lifetime.

Trends show that more and more people are leaning towards new outdoor experiences, and trekking is something they want to enjoy. While choosing a destination isn't challenging, zeroing in on the other aspects of your travel becomes essential. One crucial question is whether to travel solo or in groups. Today we will try to shed light on both of these to help you make an informed decision before your next trip.

Why travel solo?
People have often associated trekking with catharsis. They enjoy the peace, quiet, and sometimes the mini-adventures that come with it. Navigating through unknown roads, climbing treacherous terrains, cooking your food, and enjoying your solitude is what any travel enthusiast dreams of. This means that you are fully responsible for everything that happens during that trek, and the experience is unique to you.
Another vital aspect is that since you are the sole proprietor of your journey, every decision made and every skill used comes from your judgement. This is an incredible way of learning your strengths and making yourself confident for future solo trips. The added benefit of going solo is that you set your milestones.
You aren't worried about being left behind, you don't have to race to the top to ensure you get the ideal spot for your tent, and you don't have to depend on other people's time. Instead, you get to explore like a wanderer.

Why travel in a group?
Shared knowledge is the best knowledge. When you travel in a group, there is a chance you might meet skilled travellers. Travelling with them helps you gain better insights into immersive experiences, and more often than not, they have tips and tricks to help you in your journey to the top.
There is a zeal associated with travelling in groups, where people constantly support each other and share new stories. There is a powerful sense of euphoria when you stand together, looking at the beautiful view from the top with each other. In addition, there is a distribution of responsibilities, some help in pitching the tent, some help in lighting the fire, and others help with the cooking process.
Travelling in a group ensures the safety of everyone, and in case of injury, there is always someone to help you. And by the end of your expedition, you make many new friends with whom you share fond memories.

These are some of the benefits of travelling solo and in a group. Treks can be a wonderful experience if done right, and in a country like India, there are a plethora of options that you can explore. Some groups conduct annual treks. Signing up with one can be an excellent start to your trek experience.

Keep in mind that your safety is of utmost priority no matter how you travel. So carry a first aid kit, visit your doctor for a checkup, and don't forget to buy general insurance online to get exciting deals and protect yourself from landing into unnecessary trouble.

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