Try an offbeat houseboat experience at these popular Indian locations

Try an offbeat houseboat experience at these popular Indian locations  29th November 2022

Over the past decades, the emphasis on conventional methods of living has reduced with the monotonous nature of life. The desire to explore the unconventional and experiences that are out of the box has become the trend. While in the past, stability and ordinary lifestyles were chased after, it has been replaced by the desire to gain offbeat experiences.

One such changing trend is the demand for discreet and unusual travel experiences. Today, most travellers opt for unordinary travel itineraries focused on living in the present rather than run-of-the-mill standard tourist programs that showcase popular destinations.

As travel focuses on self-growth, the houseboat experience has seen a drastic increase in demand. Since India has ample water bodies, there are multiple places to experience this leisure activity that delivers a luxurious and rejuvenating feel.

However, since it is a unique activity, purchasing general insurance plans to protect your travel is ideal. Here are some of the best locations in India to experience living in houseboats.

1. Alleppey, Kerala:
Also known as God’s own country, the backwaters of Kerala are often discussed when talking about peaceful locations in India. With its lush greenery, dependence on fishing and allied activities and relaxed pace of life, Kerala is an ideal location for a stay in the houseboat. The local cuisine, pleasant weather and hospitable hosts make the experience unforgettable.

2. Sundarbans, West Bengal:
The Sundarbans are known to be the largest mangrove in the world. A houseboat stay in these mangroves is in stark contrast to the experience in any other location in India. This is the only region to showcase natural swampy habitats. Unlike others that focus on self-sustenance and peace amidst lush greenery, a houseboat stay in the Sundarbans is thrilling. A holiday on the houseboat is like a wildlife safari through the forest swamps. Since it is an unconventional travel experience, it is best to purchase general insurance plans in case of unforeseen mishaps during your travel.

3. Pondicherry:
The first thought that comes to mind at the mention of Pondicherry is the slow-paced life and quaint towns with picturesque architecture. Take a different route to explore the beauty of the location by opting for a houseboat and enjoying the impact of French and Tamilian culture in its architecture, people, and arts with scenic nature in the backdrop.

4. Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir:
It is unlikely to talk about houseboats without citing Kashmir. Most popular on the Dal Lake and the Nagin Lake, a houseboat stay in Kashmir is unique as the houseboats are anchored at a spot. However, they are the embodiment of luxury and peace.
The wooden structure has adequate supplies to provide warmth in contrast to the cold outside. Waking up to the magnificent view of the snow-covered mountains, clear sky, and cold weather is unparalleled. The floating market and restaurants are other exciting activities that you can enjoy.

5. Tarkarli, Maharashtra:
Located in the serene Konkan belt, this is the only location in Maharashtra where one can enjoy a houseboat stay. Tarkarli is known for its clean beaches and sees lesser footfall than famous beaches in Goa, making for a peaceful getaway. A houseboat stay can be coupled with adventure sports like scuba diving or visits to the long beaches to make the most of the trip.

With time, houseboat stays have become a favoured option for a brief vacation for much-needed peace to escape the hectic lifestyle. While it is an excellent retreat, it is essential to consider the risks associated with the activity and purchase adequate cover in the form of general insurance plans to cover the burden of accidents during your travel.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.