Twenty fitness trends you need to adopt in the year 2022

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Twenty fitness trends you need to adopt in the year 2022  28th December 2021


Various fitness trends have come and gone since the 2000s, but people are still looking for new ways to get fit. With the global pandemic hitting us, people now prefer to work out in their homes because of the government’s orders to close gyms. As a result, online gym classes are also on the rise. Let us look at the upcoming fitness trends in 2022.

1. Weighted hula hoops:
Swinging a weighted hula hoop around your waist can be a great addition to your workout for burning calories and losing fat.

2. All-in-one fitness:
Instead of going to different places for your wellness needs, such as the gym, nutritionist, etc., you can find these professionals working under the same roof at all-in-one online fitness centres.

3. Virtual workout:
With modern technology, you can find various fitness apps with workout plans tailored to your requirements and even videos made by professionals for your reference.

4. Stroller fitness:
Taking your kid to the park can help you stay fit. In addition, pushing a stroller and walking can burn calories. You could even do single-hand chest presses, and lunge walks.

5. Community-driven wellness:
Going to the gym alone may be boring and unmotivating for some people. However, gathering a group of friends or family with the same fitness goals will support your journey and cheer you up on the bad days.

6. Wearable tech:
Fitness pros are now using wearable fitness devices such as smartwatches to track their workouts and stay focused on their goal.

7. Reverse running:
Reverse running is the act of running in the direction that your back is facing. It improves cardiovascular efficiency and endurance by strengthening the foot muscles.

8. Virtual trainers:
Hired virtual trainers can provide one-on-one workout sessions and give you the time and guidance you need.

9. Jogging with your dog:
Dogs make the perfect partners. They are a great company to be with, and you can play catch with them. This can keep you physically active and mentally at peace.

10. Kickboxing:
Make workouts fun by adding boxing and kickboxing to them. They are enjoyable and safe for all age and weight groups.

11. Stretch and recover:
Stretching for 10 minutes every day improves posture, reduces the risk of injury, and decreases muscle soreness.

12. Meditation:
Adding 15 minutes of meditation to your workout plan can improve your focus and control, which are much needed while exercising.

13. Quality over quantity:
Instead of working out for a longer period, choose the right exercises for your goal and put your best efforts into it.

14. Disconnected fitness:
While tech is a great way for virtual workout sessions, sometimes disconnecting is needed for good mental health and general sanity.

15. Cardio-rhythm classes:
Burning calories while dancing to your favourite music can be a relaxing and refreshing way of working out.

16. ZUU:
ZUU workouts refer to movements of animals such as gorillas, frogs, and bears and aim to improve your body’s flexibility.

17. Customized programs:
Everybody has different types of bodies, capabilities, and requirements. Instead of following others, have a fitness program tailored to your needs for maximum gain.

18. Trapeze classes:
Trapeze is aerial yoga involving traditional poses, pilates, and hammock dances.

19. Building a foundation:
It is crucial to building your foundation with exercises such as squats, hinges and lunges for at least a month before beginning a heavy workout. It prevents chances of injury.

20. Workout for wellness, not abs:
Instead of aiming to shed pounds and gain abs, strive for the overall wellness of your mind and body.

Staying fit is crucial, and everyone should incorporate exercise into their lives. Remember that good health is not about the weight you lose but the life you gain. By coupling fitness measures with a good health insurance policy for family, you can safeguard your health and finances altogether.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.