Understand the importance of ABS in bikes and how it works

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Understand the importance of ABS in bikes and how it works  30th January 2022


Today, it's no longer necessary to use drum brakes on commuter bikes. As technology has advanced, they've become unnecessary for the two-wheelers. Drum brakes operate by squeezing shoes against a lining in the drum itself; this causes friction and stops your bike. They become less effective as they heat up, so they're not ideal for biking over long distances.

To stay safe while biking, it's essential to have a bike with an anti-lock braking system. If your bike doesn't have ABS, you're putting yourself in danger. With cars, it's been a safety feature for years. And now, bike riders can enjoy the security of it too. However, safety is incomplete without ideal two-wheeler insurance that provides the best damage cover. Make the buying process hassle-free by opting for two-wheeler insurance online. Browse through numerous options, and then buy one that fits your needs.

What is ABS, and how does it work?
An anti-locking braking system (ABS) is a system that helps you avoid skidding on slippery surfaces, with its ability to stop wheels from locking up. It's a great way to add safety to your bike journeys.
ABS is the latest generation of motorcycle braking systems. It can avoid the sudden locking of wheels in all types of road conditions and terrains. ABS is a safety system that forces fluid through a circuit of valves and pipes to prevent the wheel from locking up while braking in hazardous conditions.

Importance of ABS in Bikes
Your car's brakes should always be at peak performance, whether you have ABS or not. There are several benefits of having ABS, the main ones being:

• The advanced traction control technology is effective because it improves traction on the road. That's why you can now find it in new auto models. It also helps you avoid slipping and sliding.

• Anti-lock braking systems are essential for slowing down in every type of weather. For example, these systems are crucial when the road is wet after a rainstorm. They prevent wheel lockups by pumping brake fluid to the brakes to control the speed of your bike. These systems can save lives because they allow riders to stay in control of their bikes.

• An excellent anti-lock braking system will increase the resale value of your bike. However, remember that ABS is standard on most modern cars or bikes, so not having one could lower the potential resale value of the vehicle.

• Anti-lock brakes are an investment that can reduce the risk of accidents. So, if you have ABS installed on your vehicle, you might get better insurance rates. Check your 2 wheeler insurance online policy for your bike with ABS.

The government made the Anti-Lock Braking System mandatory for all four and two-wheelers manufactured in the country. This is an important step towards improving road safety for commuters and lowering road accidents. With the Anti-Lock Braking System, your safety and riding experience certainly gains significance.

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