Understand these smart tactics that car salespeople won't want you to know

Understand these smart tactics that car salespeople won't want you to know  21st December 2022

Buying a car is more challenging than it seems. The salesperson uses many tactics to prevent their buyers or sellers from negotiating. Usually, buyers who lack detailed information about car sales and the buying process fall victim to these tricks the salesperson uses to draw more profit.

You also have to consider various things, such as auto loans, RC transfers, and hidden charges, when estimating the price of the car. So, you can create your strategy against these persuasive tricks and get your choice of car at a reasonable price. Here are some tactics that are commonly used to influence the customer.

1. Psychological profiling:
The car salespeople use the scripted questions to break down the needs and vulnerabilities of potential customers. These salespeople are experts in persuading people. The first question most car salespeople ask is about your budget. If you answer this question, you will show a vulnerability to car salespeople.
You should refrain from discussing your budget, family needs, vanity, and urgency to buy and ask for a test drive before signing papers. If you find a car you want, negotiate the price and leave trade-ins and add-ons for another discussion.

2. The Ben Franklin close tactic:
Most car salespeople use this classic tactic to fool the customer into buying a specific car. In this method, they draw a line down the middle of a piece of paper and list the reasons to buy or not buy the particular car. The information from the salesperson is either half true or false. You should avoid falling for this trap and becoming a victim of their motive.

3. The Porcupine close tactic:
The car salespeople use another tactic that includes a question starting with "if." For example, "If I can get you this monthly payment, will you be willing to buy this car today?" Car salespeople use this strategy to find a buying trigger in their customers.
When your car salesperson asks you this type of question, you should answer it with a negative. Instead, telling your car salesperson that you are negotiating with other dealers to get the best deal.

4. The waiting game:
When you go to your car salesperson to buy a car, there are salespeople, a team leader, a general manager, and more levels of leadership. They waste your time and trick you into selling what they want. If your car dealer takes too long to start moving the deal, you should call the deal off.

5. Look after the overall cost of the car:
People research the price of the car and divide the numbers into a down payment and a monthly payment. Most car dealers offer you monthly payments. You should ask them about the total price of the car and their best offer.
You can use an online car affordability calculator to check how expensive a car you can afford. Stay in the range and consider other things such as dealer fees, car insurance, and more. Choose the best car insurance company in India to get reliable insurance at the right price.

6. The impending event tactic:
Car salespeople use another tactic to sell their cars without negotiating. In this tactic, the car salesperson says that you need to buy this car today to take advantage of a big opportunity to buy it, or some other customer will get it.
You should refrain from showing any urgency and telling the car dealer in their eyes that if you come back tomorrow, they will not sell you this car.

These were a few ways to smartly deal with the tactics of salespeople and outwit them. Always stay alert while making such big decisions. Rely more on your research, compare different brands and categories, and take a test drive before the final purchase.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.