Understand these tips to drive safely in the ghat region

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Understand these tips to drive safely in the ghat region  20th December 2021


Although you might have overlooked common errors and mistakes while driving on the city roads, you cannot be as careless in the ghat region. You might think it's cool to speed up and make drifts on your car at the bends, but this can be extremely dangerous.

No matter how experienced you are, you have to be extra cautious about driving in the ghat section. The driving conditions in the ghats are challenging due to steep bends and the poor visibility ahead that aggravate the situation differently in different seasons.

Following are some safety tips that might help driving in the ghats feel easier.

1. Don't overtake unnecessarily:
It is typical for an average driver to overtake slow vehicles (especially trucks and buses). However, unlike familiar roads, the front view from a driver's perspective is often restricted in the ghats, and the driver cannot see if there is an available space for them to overtake. Hence, it is suggested to wait till the vehicle in front moves ahead or gives you a signal to overtake it.

2. Stop only at a safe spot:
You might want to click photographs of the pleasant views of the ghats. It is not a good idea to stop on narrow turns and block the way for other vehicles. Hence, if you plan to halt, ensure that you pull over at a safe spot only. Keep your parking lights on when you are stopping. This will alarm the vehicles behind you and reduce the risks of accidents.

3. Use hand brakes if necessary:
Hand brakes are efficient during ghat journeys, where multiple halts may occur due to elevated roads and bends in the way. They are the best support you can get from your vehicle to prevent accidents due to the inefficiency of the standard braking. You will have to set a balanced rhythm between the acceleration and braking of your car.

4. Gear shifting around bends:
It is better to shift down to the second or third gear so that you can take turns at the ghat section with ease. Usually, drivers do not realize that they are in the fourth or fifth gear until they reach the bends, which brings their cars to a jerky halt. Therefore, it is better to change gears and drive slowly in advance so that you do not find a problem in making the turns.

With these tips in hand, you need not worry about driving at the ghat sections now. Although it can be tricky for new drivers, following standard road protocols and safety measures can prevent unfortunate events and heavy losses.

Another important safety tip to follow is getting personal accident insurance for you and your family. Get appropriate personal accident insurance to add an extra layer of protection. Once you follow these tips, you are all set to drive in the hills in peace.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.