Understanding how a cashless garage facility can be helpful

Understanding how a cashless garage facility can be helpful  30th November 2022

A cashless garage facility is one in which an insurance company has a tie-up with a garage. Whenever you meet with an accident or file an insurance claim for repairs, you will not have to settle the bill in cash at these garages. The insurance company will directly pay the bill. However, you have to bear some nominal charges for processing the claim. Also, some compulsory deductibles exist as per the insurance policy’s terms and conditions.

Not all garages will have a tie-up with your respective insurance company. The list of network garages is easily available with your insurance company. You need to verify it with your insurance provider and search for the nearest garage that will provide you with a cashless facility. Let us see how a cashless garage facility can be helpful to us.

1. Hassle-free claim settlement:
Insurance companies are directly connected to the network garages. Hence, you do not need to visit multiple garages to complete the repair work. You can directly go to the network garage after informing the insurance company, provide the required documents, and that’s it! The garage will take it over, and the insurance company will settle the bill. The entire claim settlement process becomes hassle-free.

2. Prompt service:
As mentioned above, not all garages are covered in the cashless network list of the insurance company. Hence, listed garages provide prompt and good quality repairs and renewal services to maintain harmonious relations with the insurance company. This can be helpful to you, and you’ll get quick service and timely delivery of your vehicle.

3. No cash payout:
This is one of the most important benefits of a cashless garage facility. In the non-listed garage, you have to settle the entire bill in cash at the time of delivery of the car. Accidents do not come informed. Hence, such sudden bills can put you under a financial burden. The repair costs of modern-day cars are hefty and can cost several thousands of rupees in one go.
A cashless garage facility will release this financial burden from you, and you’ll not have to pay any repair costs from your pocket. Minor documentation and deductibles charges can be easily met. This facility makes the claim settlement process swift, and you do not have to worry about footing the repair bill.

4. Transparent billing and quality service:
The insurance company and its surveyors are in constant touch with the network garage. They provide a big chunk of work to the garage regularly. Hence, the network garages abstain from committing any fraud, using sub-standard components and parts, or engaging in over-billing while repairing cars. Hence, we are assured of fair and transparent billing and top-notch service.

A cashless garage facility is a blessing for all vehicle owners. It makes the claim settlement process convenient, hassle-free, and fast. Also, it relieves us from paying sudden and heavy repairs and renewal charges when our car meets with an accident. We get quality work at reasonable prices.

But first, you need to have a valid and functional motor insurance policy for your vehicle to enjoy a cashless garage facility for it. Always renew your insurance policy on time and never let it expire because accidents do not announce before occurring. Opt for online motor insurance renewal, which makes the renewal process effortless. You can do it from the comfort of your office or home, at any time of day or night. Also, you are saved from the hassle of meeting with the insurance agent or going to the insurance office for renewal. Go the modern way; choose online motor insurance renewal.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.