Understanding if motorcycle rides with your pet dog is a good idea

Understanding if motorcycle rides with your pet dog is a good idea  31st October 2022

Are you a pet lover who wants to take your pet dog out for an adventure? With pets becoming closer to hearts than ever before, it's understandable to take your puppy with you for a motorcycle ride. This idea no doubt excites all dog lovers, but can this endeavour be a safe thing to do?

Let's understand why taking your tailed friend on a bike ride cannot be a good idea even though you might feel like trying it.

1. Determining the best way to take your pup on the motorcycle:
Motorcycles are risky machines if not driven with care. Even some human beings are skittish on them; similarly, only some dogs will be comfortable on a bike. After checking with your vet about any health conditions that might be aggravated by your pup being on a bike, use all resources to learn about whether your furry friend can be on a bike or not.
Consider the personality and temperament of your dog, as well as its age. If your dog is prone to startling you by jumping at the nearby cat it saw, it is probably not a good idea to take it out on a ride.
Also, bikes were never designed to fit the purpose of pet travel. Although, several bikers find locations on the bike that seems perfect for lodging their pet dog. Understand that fuel tanks or handlebars are not the places to make your dog sit and ride with you. You might also think of attaching a side carrier, but know that sidecars or carriers are open, and what if your dog tries to escape from it midway?

2. Training it to be comfortable around and on a bike:
Most dogs are nervous around loud noises. You must have observed how your dog hides under the bed in the event of firecrackers bursting or thundering. Most motorcycles also have a startling sound that might scare your dog. Although, you can fix this by making your dog accustomed to the sounds and vibrations the bike produces. Still, even a slight discomfort or frustration during the ride can make things challenging. Your dog can get panicked and angry. This can be daunting for you to handle your dog and avoid any chaos on the road or disturb others.

3. Overloading the bike:
Bike journeys are always an adrenaline booster and a good stressbuster and travelling with your pet might elevate this to the next level. But what might seem an exciting thought might turn into a disaster due to the unpredictability of your dog's nature and the lurking possibility of an unexpected incident.
Also, you will have to plan everything your dog might require for the ride, such as its bowl, food, a leash, treats to keep it satiated, and a warm blanket in winter. Knowing that your bike can withstand a limited load and burdening it with your and your dog's essentials will impact the performance of your bike throughout the trip.

It is crucial to understand and accept that bikes are not dog-friendly machines. Building a strong bond with your pet is a nice gesture but not this way! This act can put several lives in danger.

Planning a bike trip with your pet might take a lot of effort, but you can live your passion for bike riding by frequently setting out on bike tours, either alone or with your other biker friends. But ensure that you have the safety gear and essential documents handy before planning your trip. Check out for your 2 wheeler insurance renewal or buy a new 2 wheeler insurance online if you don't have one. Making the right purchase will handcraft you a safer and more immersive riding experience!

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.