Visit these best places to enjoy thrilling river rafting experience in India

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Visit these best places to enjoy thrilling river rafting experience in India  13th June 2022


Considering the multitude of experiences, travellers all across the globe talk about India being their preferred destination for travel. Blessed with an extensive network of rivers flowing through the interiors of different states, India opens up to exciting river adventures for travel enthusiasts. One such adventure is river rafting, which charges up travellers' adrenaline.

This off-beat experience was introduced to boost India's inbound and domestic tourism, and over the years, it has shown remarkable responses from travellers. Manoeuvering the raft, feeling the roaring waters gushing past, and trusting the fellow rafters is a lifetime experience. Following is the list of places where you can plan to enjoy river rafting.

1. The Ganges, Rishikesh:

Rishikesh is a traveller’s favourite river rafting destination in India. Rafting in Ganga promises you a vast arena of difficulty levels and routes. No matter the level of expertise, you get to experience river rafting for everyone here.
Another benefit of choosing this stretch is the breathtaking views. The Garhwal mountains and the white sand river beaches are some of the most beautiful sites you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Plan to visit this place between September and June.

2. Barapole, Coorg:

This river in the southern part of Karnataka circles the Deccan Plateau and is one of the best river rafting fronts in South India. However, the route here is not for the faint-hearted as it is incredibly challenging and covers a stretch of about one hundred and fifty kilometres. July to September is the best time to visit Coorg.

3. Spiti, Himachal:

This stretch of one hundred and eighty kilometres spans between the Tuting region and reaches up to Pasighat. Rafting is spread over six days. What makes it worth the experience is the scenic views of villages and a closer look at the local life of the area. Tourists throng the place during July and August.

4. Kundalika, Maharashtra:

Kundalika is considered to be one of the fastest flowing rivers. River rafting here is open throughout the year. Kundalika is close to Pune and Mumbai, making it ideal for weekend getaways with family and friends. The green views and the rich rice fields are sure to be an experience and worth remembering.

5. Beas, Kullu Manali:

A relatively short route between Pirdi and Jhiri, the river rafting here covers a distance of about 14 kilometres. However, the rapids here can be challenging to manoeuver, but the scenery of the Beas makes it a must-visit place when in Kullu. The rafting is open between July and September.

6. Indus, Ladakh:

Indus hosts many river rafting spots, all of which are open for beginners. It offers spectacular courses and locations such as the Grand Canyon of Asia or the Zanskar canyon, the beautiful Ladakh skies, etc. The best season starts from July and goes on up to September.

Now that you have seen the list of places that host spectacular river rafting experiences in the country, get ready to plan your next trip to these places to feel the thrill. Whether going with family or friends or travelling solo, always keep safety your priority. Follow all the instructions carefully and make the optimum use of the safety gears provided to you. A little negligence can be fatal, and don't let carelessness spoil all your fun.

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