Wallpapers or Texture paints: Which is the best for your home walls

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Wallpapers or Texture paints: Which is the best for your home walls  13th June 2022


If you are buying a new house or renovating the existing one, having the perfect and attractive walls should be your focus. The most prominent part of your home is the walls. They capture many memories and provide a lot of scopes to try out new styles and give your home a refreshing touch.

Investing thought, time, and money in decorating the walls will turn your home into a more welcoming space. But how do you finalise the look of your walls? Would they look better with wallpapers, or would texture paints achieve the finish you attempted?

We will try to cover all your wall decor questions. Let's get started!

1. Types of texture paints:

Various forms of texture paints, including emulsions, distempers, etc., are available in the market. They can either be water or oil-based and are used for different purposes. You can use solid colours and texture paints to give your walls a bold look. Apply other techniques to create patterns and textures on your walls to give them a zing.

2. Wallpapers:

Wallpapers come with a variety of patterns and textures. Using the right tools and proper measurements, you can stick them on your walls. They come with a solid adhesive and are easy to paste. You can pick the wallpaper's designs as per your taste and the look you want to achieve for the walls.

Wallpapers and texture paint – how are they similar?

● Both are available with many options and shades

● Both have tailor-made options to match your usage and decor plans

● Both require some pre-preparation time to set things up

● Both help you achieve your decor goals

Wallpapers or texture paints: Which is the best for your home walls?

If you are starting from scratch (a blank wall), both wallpapers and texture paints require a similar time to set things up and get started. But removing any wallpaper or colour is a tedious job. After removing the previous coat, you must prepare the wall before pasting the wallpaper or starting with the primer for the texture paint.

Application of wallpaper takes less time as compared to texture paint. You need to apply at least two coats to achieve the texture and pattern you aim for, while it takes about twenty-four hours for the wallpaper to stick appropriately and achieve the best finish. Texture paints can take up to forty-eight hours or more.

Textured paints are your best bet in bathrooms and kitchens. High moisture does not gel well with adhesives. Hence, applying wallpaper in the bathroom and the kitchen would be a massive waste of resources, and there's a risk that it might come off or get wet and torn. Variations of textured paints can be used outdoors, while wallpapers are more appropriate for enriching the interiors.

You might need help from professionals during the application of wallpapers. Textured paints and wallpapers are both cost-effective, but wallpapers might get a bit expensive if you are looking for a specific design.

Now that we have discussed the significant aspects of the two options, you can make a decision. And while you are at it, consider protecting your home against unforeseen circumstances and tragedies. You would want your home to be safe from unexpected problems that take a massive toll on your finances and happiness.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.