Ways to choose the best home security system to protect it from potential threats

Ways to choose the best home security system to protect it from potential threats  26th October 2022

Buying a house is a significant milestone in most people’s lives. It is not just an investment but also a status symbol that displays your wealth. In India, purchasing a home is seen as an achievement that most young adults wish to fulfil to get stable in their lives. However, there are several risks to consider before making this purchase. Since it is a high-value investment, you must be prepared to protect it against mishaps. There is a constant threat to your home due to natural calamities, break-ins, or third-party damages, to name a few.

A home security system installation not only secures your home from multiple threats, it also gives those with a pre-installed security system an advantage. Since the chances of damage are relatively lower for secure homes, your home insurance claims are proportionately lower. Therefore, you must consider purchasing a well-suited home security system irrespective of the cost.

This blog discusses some factors to consider the best home security system to protect it from potential threats.

1. Assess entry and exit points:
While you cannot prevent uncontrollable events like natural disasters, it is possible to monitor your home for suspicious activities around your home. Thoroughly assess the layout of your house and identify entry points. Ensure that a sensor is attached to every door or window, or install cameras nearby that can capture the entire view.

2. Technologically integrated devices:
Once you secure your entry locations, all that is left is to secure the inside of the house. Several single-purpose tools like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, fuel gas sensors, and accessories like remote monitors and controllers allow you to control your home remotely. Through these, you can detect issues at the earliest and handle the situation before it gets out of hand and call the required authorities if needed.

3. External monitoring devices:
Keeping a monitoring device like a camera facing outside with a live feed is a method to keep intruders away. While this may be expensive, it guarantees that everything is safe at your home. The same can be applied to cameras inside the house, but since it can violate your privacy, we recommend limiting it to personal supervision. Ensure that your cameras are placed at a well-lit location and cover all entry points and any external attached area like garden space or shared spaces with neighbours.

4. Emergency buttons:
You need a handy emergency or panic button in case there is an escalation that requires the intervention of emergency services. These devices are designed to immediately call for emergency service providers by clicking the button. Ensure that they are placed at a height that kids cannot reach but are accessible easily in an emergency.

Home security systems are crucial features in keeping your home safe. With the increasing risk and crime rates, its requirement is only increasing. While it is an excellent addition, it should be coupled with a comprehensive home insurance policy to keep your home safe and cover any incidental costs incurred. If you wish to buy home insurance online India, the process is simplified to take minimal time and maximum benefit.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.