What are the car bushes? Let’s understand their applications

What are the car bushes? Let’s understand their applications  30th June 2022

Ever wondered why you don't feel jolted every time you apply the brakes on your car or take a sharp turn to the side? It's all thanks to the car bushes.

Car Bushings are cushions made up of rubber, polyurethane, neoprene, or other materials. They're mainly mounted on car suspensions and steering joints. Their primary responsibility is to ensure no abrasions in the metal suspension framework due to the contact between them. They also give the driver maximum comfort by mitigating road bumps and controlling the degree of movement in the joints.

The car bushings are mostly made of rubber. Typically, rubber bushes are structured in the form of a cylinder between the two parts of metal. This rubber is usually vulcanised rubber.

Car bushes are essential for the smooth functioning of your car. This blog sheds some light on car bushes and their need in a vehicle.

Applications of bushes:

• Improves safety and comfort: Car bushings support the mechanism to make the ride comfortable for the passengers in the car. They are crucial in positioning and aligning various suspension and steering components.

• Reduces damage caused by vibration: Repeated vibrations can cause abrasions to your vehicle's suspension system, which contributes to its weakening. Car bushing minimises this wear and tear, thus increasing the car's life

• Making the ride less noisy: The rubber used in bushes can reduce vibrations and thus reduce the need for lubrication. This makes maintenance easier and simultaneously makes the vehicle less noisy.

• Bushing provides a stress-free and long life to the vehicle: Like cartilage in a human body, bushings protect the joints and connected parts of the car from shocks to the car. This increases the longevity of the car and the lesser probability of your car facing damages.

Advantages of using Rubber bushes:

● Rubber is the most widely used material in car bushes. As rubber is a readily available substance, it is inexpensive and readily absorbs most noises and vibrations transmitted by various objects.

● One of the main advantages of using rubber bushes as cushioning in vehicles is that it's never a bad fit for a vehicle. They are suitable for all types of vehicles and can be used as cushions for engines and gearboxes.

Disadvantages of using rubber bushes:

● Although very widely used, rubber bushes come with certain limitations. They tend to deteriorate when exposed to heat, air, and especially oils. Over long periods, this exposure can result in the rubber material cracking and wearing away.

An alternative to rubber bushings is ones made out of neoprene. It looks like rubber but is a synthetic substance derived from polymerising chloroprene. It is much more robust than rubber and is better suited to bushings. Neoprene can withstand high temperatures without physical damage.

While extremely simple in design, car bushings play a vital role in suspension systems where vibrations are problematic. They are significant and should be replaced timely to avoid abrasions in your car's system.

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