What are the terms not included in your car manufacturer's warranty

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What are the terms not included in your car manufacturer's warranty  19th January 2022


When you plan to purchase a car, you spend a lot of time on market research since it's quite a heavy investment involving various factors to consider. Then you look into the car insurance price in India before finalising your decision. Once you figure out all these details, you go ahead and buy the car which suits you the best.

But that's not it. What if there are some faulty parts? Or what if you face some issues with the car, which puts the vehicle at risk and endangers your family's safety? You cannot take that chance. You need to check in with the car manufacturer's warranty. The worst of it is to be unaware of the terms not included in the warranty provided by your car manufacturer.

This article is your guide to understanding your car manufacturer's warranty.

Let's discuss the terms and conditions:

1. Components that require scheduled servicing-oil, fluids, etc. are not covered under warranty by the manufacturer.

2. Accidental damages are covered under car insurance rather than the warranty.

3. Repair and car parts in the lower region are not included in your manufacturer's warranty.

4. Parts that are prone to "wear and tear" like the brake pads, clutch plate, bulb, belts, bearings related to AC, clutch bearing, hub bearing, gasket, etc., do not come under the warranty.

5. Repairing related to fuse, wiper blade, AC gas change, rubber components, cracks in the windshield glass, etc., cannot be claimed under warranty (unless there are manufacturing defects).

6. Paint issues, rusting, corrosion are not included in the warranty unless specifically mentioned.

7. Tyre, battery, music system, parking sensors do not come under the terms of warranty from the manufacturer.

8. Need of repair due to consequential damages like –

• Driving with an engine oil leakage causing a coolant leakage, leading to radiator damages.

• Jump-starting your car with a drained battery

• Engine seizure caused by driving the vehicle in deep water.

• None of these are covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

Car warranties can turn ineffective under the following circumstances:

1. Discrepancies in the recommended servicing schedule.

2. The vehicle is taken to unauthorised workshops or service centres instead of authorised ones.

3. Repairing your car using unauthorised/counterfeit car parts or accessories that can impact the wiring.

4. Damages in Electronic Control Unit (ECU) due to incorrect fitting/usage of unauthorised accessories or spare parts.

5. Attempt to install accessories by modifying the electrical wiring system or using supplements with substandard wiring.

6. Installation of cylinders (CNG) without checking the manufacturer's warranty conditions about the coverage and compensation in such cases.

Now that you're aware of the terms that are not included in your car manufacturer's warranty, you can refer them before making any critical decisions. However, while we're at it, it is necessary to purchase car insurance that caters to your needs for the additional safety of your vehicle and your family.

For that, you need to browse through several car insurances in India and verify their suitability. This small effort can safeguard you from unprecedented circumstances and monetary loss in the long run.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.