What are wheel alignment, balancing and rotation

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What are wheel alignment, balancing and rotation  19th January 2022


After putting in months of research, reviews, and careful consideration, you finally zero down on one car. You go on long drives, cut the time of waiting for public transport, and get that car insurance. Let’s now talk about the essential care your car deserves after all the miles it has covered for you.

In this space, we will discuss tyres and the three crucial parts of tyre care - wheel alignment, balancing, and rotation. Taking care of these essential aspects of your car will ensure that you don’t have the unnecessary expense of changing your tyres frequently. But, most importantly, it reduces the risks of driving in unfavourable conditions.

1. Wheel Alignment:
After driving a significant distance, your car needs to go through wheel alignment. It essentially means that your vehicle’s suspension is adjusted so that the tyre makes an optimised contact with the road to avoid frequent wear and tear.
Things that might lead to the misalignment of the tyres are –

• A sudden impact on the vehicle

• Collisions

• Sudden change in steering alignment while driving

If you find it challenging to manoeuvre the steering or notice tears on tyres, it could be due to misaligned wheels. This would be a good reason to go to a service centre for your wheel alignment corrected. Before starting any repair work, buy car insurance online for better features and advantages.

2. Balancing:
Wheel balancing is done to equalise the weight of the tyre and wheel for a smoother rotation at high speeds. However, wheels and tyres vary in their weights resulting in a slight imbalance which leads to the car undergoing extreme vibration and wobbly movements. Tyre balancing along with tyre alignment is done to counter this.
Over a significant period, the imbalance of the wheels is inevitable, so we suggest that you contemplate rebalancing after having driven a considerable distance ranging between 6000km to 8000 km., which a computerised balancer can achieve. First, the wheels are tested for their weights, and the computer inspects any faults. The weight balance is then performed by adding weights on the rim where the computer suggests.

3. Rotation:

The wear and tear of your tyres are never identical. The front tyres are susceptible to more damage considering they undergo more pressure from steering, braking, and most of the weight is towards the car’s front. So for a uniform beating, interchange the front, rear, and spare wheels. To ensure that your tires have a longer run time, you must consider wheel rotation.

So there you have the three essential services that you need to provide to your car after having enjoyed some thousand miles. These services must be performed periodically to ensure the longevity of your vehicle. While looking for car services near you, do consider to buy car insurance online. Many owners tend to neglect the benefits of having comprehensive car insurance for their valuable possession, but this coverage can add value to your car.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.