What characteristics or ways are helpful in spotting fake spare parts

What characteristics or ways are helpful in spotting fake spare parts  26th October 2022

Repair and service of your vehicle can be daunting and more challenging if the damage is so severe that some parts might need replacement. But, the introduction of fake spare parts for automobiles is posing a threat to the longevity of the vehicles and depreciating their value over time. Recognising a fake spare component is challenging because the phoney industry is evolving quickly.

Companies are striving to enact severe punishments against the manufacturers of these counterfeit parts. Still, there is a large part that you might encounter. How can you distinguish a fake from a real one? The characteristics listed in this article can help you identify genuine or bogus spare parts.

1. Check the serial number and hologram: A specific serial number is linked to all OEM/OES authentic auto spare parts. It will be helpful to trace a piece back to its source, allowing the part's authenticity to be confirmed. In India, you can also find a unique hologram of the company that makes the auto parts, which makes them impossible to replace.

2. QR code:
Most spare parts have a QR code that a smartphone may read to verify that the part is authentic. This unique QR code helps maintain product tracking and get all the required details about that part right from its manufacturer, the manufacturing date, model number, and more.

3. Check brake pads:
These are crucial components of a car's brake system. A false brake pad typically deteriorates quickly and unevenly. Also, fake brake pads can quickly fall apart because the materials used are of poor quality and have less resistance factor. These bogus brake pads wear out too soon, causing the brakes to fail.

4. Electricity risks:
Electrical component failure is a significant cause of car fires. And when they are examined, it is typically discovered that these automobiles have electrical parts that are phony or counterfeit. Such components may be dangerous since they may not comply with industry standards and might turn risky due to the chances of a blowout at any time.

5. Uncommon packaging:
It is important to understand the packaging of parts before purchasing them. Stay alert regarding the regular packaging of that part and the one you receive. Fake parts are delivered in unusual packaging and boxes. You must be able to differentiate between them and look out for company branding, the model number, and other essential information imprinted on the auto part. Call the dealer immediately if you feel something fishy.

6. Huge price differences:
Finding a deal is one thing, but if you notice parts being offered at an outrageous discount, like 90%, there is a very strong likelihood that they are fakes. Always do a price comparison, ensuring you get the original product.

7. Always visit an authentic and authorised centre:
It is advised to visit only the company-authorised centres to purchase genuine spare parts. These centres are approved by that particular vehicle brand and get an exclusive dealership to provide genuine products and the best customer service. Also, you can always connect to the centre if you face any problem with the part. Don't forget to get the bill and other important documents like the warranty card, user manual, and more.

You are responsible for informing the manufacturer once you discover that spare parts are fake. The body that considers these complaints will take appropriate action against the seller. They take the counterfeit parts and ensure they don't reappear on the market.

Additionally, ignore anyone trying to sell you fraudulent parts by claiming they are identical and will save you money. This little bit of money you might be able to save right now could lead to something dangerous. Good quality and original spare parts will help you increase the life of your vehicle. Take your car to regular servicing, do proper maintenance, and buy the best car insurance in India to keep it in the best shape.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.