What does the power steering alert on the car dashboard indicate

What does the power steering alert on the car dashboard indicate  30th November 2022

If you've driven a car with manual steering, you must know how difficult it can be. Power steering is an advanced mechanical device fitted in your vehicle that helps you turn the steering wheels effortlessly.

But very few car drivers know the significance of warning lights appearing on the dashboard. When the warning light for the power steering system in your automobile comes on, you should be concerned since that usually means the power steering system is broken, making it extremely difficult to drive the vehicle.

What turns on the power steering light?

Low fluid level is the most frequent cause of the power steering warning light for vehicles with hydraulic power steering. A leak in one of the tubes can be a primary reason. When your power steering light turns on while driving, it'll be wise to slow down and park your car safely. Just be extremely careful because your steering will be considerably heavier at this point.

Open the bonnet to find the reservoir for the steering wheel fluid. There might be a picture of a steering wheel on the reservoir cap. If not, refer to your owner's manual to locate it.

Examine the liquid level. Before continuing your journey, you should top off the reservoir if it appears to be getting low. If you likely don't have any, visit your neighbourhood car service centre to buy some.

Start your engine after topping off the power steering fluid. You may continue travelling if the warning light doesn't turn on again. If the power steering light is still on, there may be a more significant issue. You should get your vehicle checked at a nearby garage or service centre to inspect the actual problem.

What if an EPS light appears?

Cars without hydraulic power steering will activate the EPS system, which stands for electronic power steering. If your car's EPS warning light glows, diagnosing the problem could be more difficult because there won't be any fluid levels to examine. You should carefully check all the connections to the battery for signs of wear or damage because a problem with the battery or alternator could sometimes cause it.

You may also have a problem with the EPS light if you recently had to jumpstart your car or take the battery out. Sometimes you might resolve the issue by turning your car on and off again. Even if this works, you should still have your car checked at a service centre because there might be a deeper problem.

Driving while the power steering light is on, is it safe?

It won't be simple because turning will be more challenging, and steering will be heavier. Accidents will also be far more likely because it will be nearly impossible to react to situations at higher speeds. If the light turns on while you're driving, it'll be better to inspect your car in a secure location before heading further.

Either way, the steering wheel warning light could mean something is wrong with your power steering system. It would help if you had a trained mechanic checking your car to address the issue.

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