What is glamping? Where in India can you experience it

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What is glamping? Where in India can you experience it  25th September 2022

What is the first image that comes to your mind when you hear of outdoor adventures? The most popular thought associated with the idea is likely to be camping, an offbeat experience that tastefully connects nature and adventure.

Camping is a solo or group adventure popularised by the West that involves outdoor overnight stays in unfamiliar terrains to enjoy the beauty of untouched nature. While it is an experience like no other, camping does involve a lot of effort and adjustment to make the stay enjoyable.

Camping has always been a top choice for avid travellers and adventure enthusiasts, but a new activity that interests everyone is glamping. It is a perfect introduction to camping that brings together luxury to the wilderness, making the experience pleasant and more premium.

Read on to find all about the trending activity, where you can find glamping sites in India, and whether it is covered under general insurance plans.

What is glamping?
If you need a break from your hectic life and wish to explore the wild without putting in too much effort, glamping is the ideal outdoor activity for you. It is a simple mix of glamour and camping. Depending on your budget, you can opt for a high-end camping stay set amidst a picturesque outdoor setting.

Are there any risks associated with glamping?
When you look past the glamour, there are several risks associated with glamping, just like camping. You may damage your property or glamping equipment, lose your luggage or face health issues on the trip. We strongly advise you to contact your insurance provider to confirm what damages are covered in your general insurance plan and clarify your queries to ensure that you have a cover to bank on in case of any unfortunate incidents.

Best locations in India to experience glamping:
Glamping is an activity that garners the interest of young and old alike. But where exactly in India can you enjoy this adventure? Here are the best locations for a quick glamping trip.

1. Jaisalmer:
Also known as Golden City, the city in Rajasthan with expansive deserts is an excellent place to go glamping. With luxury camps pitched in the desert, it makes for an experience like no other. Glamping companies also tie up with other entertainment providers to provide sightseeing and local experiences as a part of the package, making the trip worth the price.

2. Ladakh:
Ladakh makes for an exquisite glamping location. You can enjoy the rustic beauty of Ladakh from your luxurious tents without making any compromises. Although placed in the middle of nowhere, the tents have all the amenities to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable.

3. Goa:
The popular tourist destination for a quick getaway is unsurprisingly great for glamping. With beaches, moderate temperatures, and top-notch entertainment, Goa is the best place to kick back and relax. While there are several luxury tent providers, you can decide to have a minimalistic glamping trip by using your car as your tent.

4. Kerala:
Kerala's pleasant temperature, idyllic scenery, and slow pace of life set a great mood for glamping trips. The vast range of biodiversity in the state provides an opportunity to engage in activities like trekking, sightseeing, and boating. Known for its hospitality, you will have a relaxing glamping trip in Kerala.

5. Darjeeling:
Sprawling tea estates, widespread greenery, and long trails in the thickets of the forest make Darjeeling an exotic vacation hotspot. A glamping trip in Darjeeling is peaceful and gives time to reflect and escape the everyday bustle of life.

The topographic diversity of India makes most regions great for glamping. Based on your preferences, you can escape the mundane activities of life and take a quick trip to a coast side, hill, or desert and enjoy a rustic break.

Irrespective of the location, safety is a factor that must always be considered while planning for a trip. Investing in safety means investing in happiness. The best way to do so is by ensuring that you and your fellow travellers have general insurance plans that cover any potential accidents.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.