What is the possible information required to claim motor insurance

What is the possible information required to claim motor insurance  30th September 2022

Nearly 138 crores of the Indian population adhering to stringent traffic rules can seem daunting, but the benefits are surely rewarding. It is imperative to understand that these rules are in place to ensure the safety of citizens and exercise their rights freely without causing inconvenience to others.

Even with so many rules and regulations, many people face harrowing accidents and unfortunate defilement while travelling. It can be costly to deal with the expenses involved after an accident. With accurate knowledge and proper planning, one can counter these challenges with the seamless advantages of an insurance policy.

A motor insurance claim is a compensation provided to the insured by a motor insurance company. The compensation is paid for any damage caused to the insured's vehicle. The policyholder must pay a monthly premium to avail of the insurance benefits and get compensation for damage done to the vehicle and even to third-party.

Motor insurance is an efficient safety net to safeguard your asset and prevent your finances from draining behind the repair and maintenance work. It is important to keep your motor insurance updated and look for its renewal date. Never miss out on your motor insurance renewal. You can conveniently do online motor insurance renewal to save time and avoid your policy from lapsing.

Let's look at various types of motor car insurance claims available along with their requirements.

1. Cashless insurance claim:
This settlement process is the most convenient. You don't have to worry about expenses or vent your pockets for the repair work. The motor insurance company will clear all the bills associated with the respective vehicle, thereby giving you cashless benefits.

2. Reimbursement insurance claim:
You have to foot the bills by yourself, and the responsibility of filing for reimbursement is upon you. It can be daunting to keep track of all paperwork of repair, original bills etc. The documents required for claiming insurance should be thoroughly checked and filed accordingly. The claim can remain deficient if the necessary instructions are not followed.

3. Third-party claim:
This claim is enforced to seek coverage to the third-party liabilities. If any third party suffers damage from the insurer, it should be reported to the nearby police station and the motor insurance company. If the roles are reversed, the individual seeking claim must provide the vehicle and owner details needed to claim the insurance.

4. Own damage claim:
This type of claim is filed after the insured's vehicle is damaged in an unfortunate incident. The motor insurance company should be immediately notified where the verification and assessment of the damage will be done before paying the repair cost. The insurer must submit the required documents if a reimbursement claim is needed.

5. Theft claims:
This is raised when a car gets stolen. The initial step is to notify the police, the RTO, and the motor insurance company. Documents required to claim must be maintained and provided along with the car keys.

The following documentation is necessary as deciphered by the insurer:

1. In the case of accidents:

● The claim form with signature

● Copy of motor insurance policy

● Car registration certificate

● Driving licence

● FIR copy

● The bill estimated for damage repair

● Repair bill and payment receipts

● Vehicle inspection address (if no garage is mentioned)

2. In the case of car theft:

● Copy of insurance policy

● RTO theft declaration

● Police FIR copy

● Subrogation letter

● Car registration certificate and book

● Previous insurance policy details

● Any car-related items such as keys, warranties, booklets, etc.

● Forms 28, 29, 30 and 35

● RTO official intimation for theft

● Claim discharge voucher with revenue stamp and signature

3. In the case of the third-party damage:

● Claim form signed and filed

● Police FIR copy

● Driver’s licence

● Registration certificate and related documents

● A vehicle's original registration copy with the stamp

The police and the insurer must be notified about the mishap within 24 hours. The claiming process can become effortless and less complicated if the necessary documents are prepared beforehand. The owner must evaluate the entire situation before claiming anything for their vehicle. Every legal documentation in motor car insurance must be taken care of. Regularly schedule your online motor insurance renewal before the due date so you can avail maximum benefits and safeguard yourself by being a responsible citizen.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.