What's under a car’s bonnet? A basic guide for new drivers

What's under a car’s bonnet? A basic guide for new drivers  22nd February 2023

Driving can be an overwhelming experience, at least when learning the basics of safe driving. While not difficult, it is a task that requires the presence of mind, effective judgement, and, most important of all, confidence. The more you know and the further you drive, the better driver you become.

Sitting in the driver's seat can be confusing initially, as various components are essential to the smooth functioning of a car, and it is impossible to know their importance and how to operate them instantly. While no manual can replace regular practice, you must brush up on the car's know-how to become a confident driver. Having complete knowledge of car features makes you enjoy driving your vehicle.

One such important section is the bonnet of your car. Located at the front of the car, lifting your bonnet will open up a whole new world. Most people need to learn about the components of a bonnet and the functioning of each part. While it may seem complicated, it is advised to know the basics of the workings of the machinery. Since breakdowns don't occur post-announcement, awareness of its working can resolve the breaking of your machinery.

You should also check under your bonnet regularly to avoid problems later. Also, you should buy car insurance in advance to avoid hassles later. Review the car insurance price in India before you invest in any.

For now, let's look at the basics of what lies under your bonnet.

1. Engine:
The engine is the most critical component located under your bonnet. The extensive working of the engine can be complicated. You don’t need to understand the work in detail. You just require to have a basic knowledge of the same. Here, the fuel consumed by your car is turned into power to run the vehicle. You should look for signs of wear and tear here. A professional inspection may help identify the same and point out any cause for concern. Frequently check for the level of different fluids like engine oil, coolant, etc., especially before planning a long trip.

2. Battery:
The batteries are surrounded by a protective shield and are easy to spot under your bonnet. The rectangular battery box has terminals on both ends, which are differently coloured. Red indicates a positive terminal, while black indicates a negative one.

3. Alternator:
Alternators are responsible for powering up the batteries, which keeps the car up and running. If it breaks down, it can lead to significant problems, including affecting the engine's functioning. The alternators resemble a wheel with slits on the side.

4. Radiator:
This is an essential component of the car that helps maintain the ideal temperature of the car engine. It regulates the temperature extensively. You should not interfere with the radiator much as it can be highly hazardous.

5. Engine coolant:
This fluid is responsible for keeping the engine's temperature in check and preventing it from overheating. You should check the fluid level regularly. It should lie between the minimum and maximum levels. You can easily spot the coolant tank upon opening the bonnet. The coolant should combine water and antifreeze.

Other important components that lie underneath include brake fluid, dipsticks, oil, crankshaft, belts, and cylinders. They have a distinct functioning of their own. You need to know the basics of the major components of your car's bonnet before you start driving a car. It always comes in handy, mainly when your car breaks down midway. You should also have suitable car insurance that protects it financially. However, before buying, you should know the car insurance price in India to understand various options and invest in the best one.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.