Which type of car alarm is right for your car

Which type of car alarm is right for your car  21st December 2022


Even in a country like India, where unequal wealth distribution has persisted over the years, the demand for luxury goods has risen across different landscapes. While rural settings used to limit their investments to affordable luxuries such as 2-wheelers, that is no longer the case. Although comparatively small, the number of car owners in rural and semi-urban areas is growing.

As more people purchase cars, one cannot ignore their allied risks. The risk of damage and theft are the highest-ranking troubles of Indian car owners. While you can cover damages by buying the best car insurance in India, multiple systems can help prevent theft, but none to eliminate it. Owners are left with no choice but to protect their vehicles with the most-sophisticated systems that can deter burglary.

While a basic alarm system is installed in all cars, an aftermarket security system doubles the protection. The availability of too many choices makes it difficult to find the best option for your vehicle. Here is a list of all the types of car alarms to help you choose the best-suited system for your vehicle.

1. Audible alarm system:
Starting with the most basic anti-theft mechanism, a blaring alarm is usually provided in most cars. It makes for easy identification of an issue and alerts passersby to intervene. However, it is an outdated feature, considering that thieves have started tampering with cars to raise the alarm to divert people’s attention from the sound of breaking windows to steal the items inside the vehicle. While necessary, it is not a comprehensive solution.

2. Silent alarms:
A silent alarm does precisely what an audible alarm does- but inaudibly, and only alerts the owner who has the key. Being inaudible can be considered a boon or a bane depending on the result of the situation. Since owners are warned without a sound, the thief remains oblivious to being discovered. As there is no sound, nobody but the owner would be aware of the incident, leaving it entirely up to the owner to tackle the situation.

3. Immobilising alarm system:
The best option of the alternatives discussed so far is an immobilising system. Once the car detects a potential thief at work, it automatically locks the vehicle. The owner does not need to intervene since there is no risk of displacement.
However, in most cases, thieves look for valuable items in the car to steal rather than stealing the vehicle itself, making the system useless in such cases. Alternatively, a key is required to unlock the car, which is not difficult to attain considering the instances of petty thievery and copying the key itself or its electronic signal that opens the car.

4. Additional GPS tracking:
While GPS is a commonly used feature while driving, it can also help keep your car safe if you keep it on even when locked. This way, irrespective of the car alarm system, you will always have access to the car’s location and can track it down in emergencies.

Our recommendation:
1. Why stick to one when you can double up and be extra sure? We recommend adding multiple systems simultaneously to keep your car safe. While you can choose between audible and noiseless alarms, we urge you to purchase at least one of the above-mentioned systems.

2. Consider activating passive security systems rather than active ones. In the case of active alarms, you must trigger them each time after locking the doors, which is often forgotten. However, passive systems work without an additional push. While identifying the best car insurance in India, read the fine print to see if a specific type of alarm is required to be installed to cover robbery incidents.

3. Let the professionals at a registered service provider install your add-on security system to ensure proper activation.

Apart from your choice of alarm system, a vigilant watch, a safe neighbourhood, and buying the best car insurance in India are other crucial factors to keep your car safe from thieves and get compensated for the damage or loss due to acts of robbery.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.