Why are boxy car designs trending among Indian car buyers?

Why are boxy car designs trending among Indian car buyers?  30th March 2023

In today's car market, you can find many models in different sizes, styles, and shapes. With each design, manufacturers are rolling out additional features to enhance safety, aesthetic appeal, functionality, etc. While you may choose designs and functions as per your preferences, safety is a non-negotiable feature. The best car insurance company in India offers comprehensive coverage, ensuring passenger safety at all times.

As per the latest auto trends, boxy car designs are becoming popular in India. These cars can be likened to passenger cars with features of off-road vehicles. Indians show a great interest in SUVs and hatchbacks, which has caused automakers to launch over 35 models in the last five years. Additionally, the most popular boxy car models are still flowing in.

Reasons why boxy car designs are in vogue
A significant reason driving demand for boxy car designs in India is the need for premium features. Car buyers are willing to spend more on their mode of travel and top-end vehicles with advanced features like connected technologies, sunroofs, and more space.

1. Seating capacity
Indian families usually have many members that need cars with more seating capacity. Boxy vehicles are more popular among large families. Small SUVs are 5-seaters, whereas most SUVs are 7-seaters. There are options to fit the requirements of different families. This makes boxy cars perceived more as family cars.

2. Sturdy build
The boxy car has rugged styling that gives it a glamorous on-road appearance. It’s tough nature also provides a bold stance on the street. Also, the driver can enjoy good handling, high-speed reliability, and riding quality.

3. Feature-rich
Most small SUVs have a wide range of features, such as a sunroof, a two-zone HVAC system, a turbocharged petrol engine, an automatic gearbox, and more top-notch features. SUVs also have other features like seven airbags and dual-zone climate control. The best advantage of owning a boxy car is the greater storage space for luggage.

4. Driver's high seating seat
India is known for its busy and narrow roads. SUVs have excellent visibility of the road ahead and have a high seating position. This feature lets the driver handle the vehicle more adequately through traffic jams and narrow streets.

5. High ground clearance
Boxy cars are equipped with high ground clearance, which makes them more suitable for operating on full-of-pothole roads. This feature also allows drivers to drive on waterlogged roads more easily than sedans.

6. More safety
Boxy cars have a high seating position and airbag features that provide safety to the driver and passenger physically and mentally. However, when a collision occurs, the driver and passenger must wear seat belts so that the airbag can work properly.

7. Reasonable price
A few years ago, boxy cars like SUVs were limited to the higher affluent class. However, now SUVs are perfect for all Indian car drivers' needs. Another thing that makes these boxy cars famous is their attractive price, discounts, and bank EMI options.

Boxy car suits large families and is a top choice for planning adventures like camping and road trips. If you are also interested in boxy car design, consider factors like capability, safety, performance, practicality, and reliability.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.