Why are hatchbacks a preferred car segment for small families

Why are hatchbacks a preferred car segment for small families  30th January 2023

Hatchbacks are small cars with a hatch-type opening at the rear end that we can open upwards and often come along with boot space. They do not have a separate boot from the passenger cabin. They are ideal in size for manoeuvring easily in city traffic and have a seating capacity of 4-5 people.

Hatchbacks are a preferred car segment for families, especially middle-class families, because of their size, ease, and convenience, in addition to good mileage and cost efficiency.

1. Easy manoeuvrability:
Hatchbacks provide ease of manoeuvrability compared to sedans and SUVs on busy city roads. They are easy to handle, and constant braking, taking turns, moving through narrow lanes, etc., become easier for the drivers. Moreover, it is easy to park them in the ever-shrinking parking space of the big cities.
As the Sedans are longer in size, it can be a hassle to drive them on busy streets. Parking them can be even more challenging. SUVs are heavier and can be tough to manoeuvre around if you are using them for daily use amidst heavy routine traffic.

2. Foldable rear seats:
Hatchbacks come with foldable rear seats. Just open the rear hatch, fold the back seats, and you have massive storage space for your luggage and other stuff. Hence, hatchbacks can offer more boot space than even a sedan with a separate boot if there is no passenger in the back seat.

3. Better mileage:
Hatchbacks usually have lesser kerb weight than sedans and SUVs. This directly has a positive impact on the fuel efficiency of the car. Also, hatchbacks usually have smaller engines than cars of other segments.
Hence, they provide better mileage than others and save a lot of money over a long period. SUVs usually have big engines and can be fuel guzzlers. Sedans can also have poor mileage due to their size and engine capacity.

4. Cost-effective:
Hatchbacks cost much less than SUVs and sedans. As these cars cater to the budget-conscious category, their spare parts are also reasonably priced. Hence, hatchbacks are easier to buy as well as maintain. Their running costs are much lesser than cars of other segments. They turn out to be cost-effective and pocket-friendly.
Sedans come with long, elegant, and stylish exteriors making them more expensive. SUVs, including compact-size ones, are heavier than hatchbacks and come equipped with bigger engines, making them more expensive than hatchbacks. The spare parts of sedans and SUVs are also costlier than hatchbacks. Their running costs, maintenance, and service charges are also higher.

5. Sporty:
Hatchbacks are usually sportier and more fun to drive than sedans and SUVs, especially in city traffic conditions. They come in various colours and designs and are considered practical alternatives to sports cars for everyday driving.

Hatchbacks are a preferred car segment for small families. Modern-day families also avoid buying long-sized sedans as the three-box design is of little use to them in their daily lives.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.