Why are preventive health check-ups offered by health insurance important

Why are preventive health check-ups offered by health insurance important  30th January 2023

In the olden days, people unintentionally practised habits like following a set sleep schedule, eating locally sourced nutritious food, and engaging in physical activity, which are fundamental requirements for good health. Over time, we have grown to chase material wealth and forsaken our health in such pursuits. Hectic schedules, lack of time for personal interests, and excessive stress characterise modern lifestyles.

In such a background, it is almost impossible to follow healthy habits that lead to a disease-free life. This makes buying health insurance and following preventive measures essential to keep one’s health in the best condition possible. Additionally, periodic checks can help one recognise symptoms of an incoming illness and take corrective action at the earliest. This is facilitated by preventive health checkups, which are now included in health insurance plans. They provide several benefits to policyholders, which are discussed below.

Defining preventive health check-ups under health insurance.

Preventive health checkups are medical examinations run on to-be policyholders to assess their present state of health and identify their level of risk. It is an essential part of the insurance process as it makes the insurer aware of the existing illnesses suffered by the customer. The risk assessment directly impacts the annual premium paid for health insurance coverage.

Benefits of preventive health check-ups.

The above definition often puts potential health insurance buyers in a dilemma regarding their stance on the preventive health checkups offered. Detection of pre-existing medical conditions results in pricier premiums, but the checkup is highly beneficial to policyholders in multiple ways.

1. Substitutes individualistic effort:

Even when you are not sick, getting a health checkup is a prudent way to ensure that you are in the pink of health. Generally, a full-body annual health check is recommended for everyone. By purchasing health insurance, you no longer have to book an external appointment with a clinic. The insurance company takes care of the appointments and delivers the reports straight to your doorstep. Insurers even offer doorstep health checks, making the process incredibly convenient and hassle-free.

2. Early detection of diseases:

While the detection of disease increases the health insurance premium, on the bright side, it discovers an underlying problem that would otherwise have gone unnoticed and eventually led to more significant financial stress and physical discomfort. It is better to pay extra after early diagnosis and undergo treatment than bear the massive cost of a preventable illness that you neglected.

3. Tax deductions:

The Income Tax Act 1961 provides certain deductions that can be subtracted from your total gross income to arrive at the gross taxable income. One such deduction under Section 80D is preventive health check-ups.
Most insurance companies include free health checkups in their health insurance policy. However, in the case of non-inclusive health checkups, you can claim a deduction of INR 5,000 for medical checkups for yourself and your direct dependents, including your children, spouse, and parents. The Act also allows a deduction for health insurance premiums paid in the financial year of up to INR 25,000 for non-senior citizens and INR 50,00 for senior citizens.

4. Increases interest in self wellbeing:

Seeing the results of a health checkup is no short of a reality check. It can help you break poor habits, adopt a healthier lifestyle and work towards a more robust version of yourself. An additional incentive is a link between your health and premiums. Increasing premiums due to ill health is a great motivator to refocus your efforts towards building a healthy lifestyle and reducing the risk of diseases.

Preventive health checkups are a boon in the guise of a preliminary check that helps health insurance providers assess the risk of potential clients. These checks facilitate the early detection of potentially life-threatening ailments and provide appropriate facilities to take care of the problem at the earliest. While health insurance offers several benefits, including a safety net in medical emergencies, preventive health checkups are a perk you should take advantage of!

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.