Why does the motorcycle engine feel smooth and throttle response crisp in the morning

Why does the motorcycle engine feel smooth and throttle response crisp in the morning  30th June 2022

The feeling of riding a motorcycle in the morning is otherworldly. But it's not only the early morning atmosphere that gives this ethereal feeling to the rider. It's also the smooth functioning of the engine and the swift and excellent acceleration of the motorbike in the morning. Many people experience this but do not pay much heed to why this happens.

This blog aims to make this phenomenon more understandable for curious bike fanatics.

1. Reduced friction:

The smooth ride that the engine provides in the morning and the minimum noise directly result from the engine's internal temperature. However, other parts of the engine maintain their temperature even when kept at rest throughout the night. Due to the thermal expansion of metals, there needs to be a proper gap between various working parts of the engine.
For example, to permit the expansion of the piston, there is a gap within the block of the engine. There is less friction, resulting in less noise in the morning due to this gap between the piston and the cylinder wall in the morning. This occurrence applies to almost every moving part of the engine.

2. Viscosity:

Another reason the engine feels smooth in the morning is the oil's viscosity. Viscosity is inversely proportional to temperature. In the early morning, the engine oil is cold, making it denser in volume. This higher viscosity accounts for maximum lubrication in the engine, which results in the smooth running of the bike.

3. Fuel management systems:

As far as better crisp acceleration in the morning is concerned, the fuel management system of the bike is the most responsible. The bike's fueling is divided into two- either fuel and air can be mixed proportionally by a carburettor, or the fuel is atomised at high pressure, mixed with clean air, eventually entering the engine's combustion chamber.
Carburettors give you a crisper throttle response due to the richer mixture between fuel and air. But nowadays, these are slowly being phased out due to the increasing pollution by carburettors.

So, do you really need to warm the bike up before starting it? This is another question that greatly puzzles bike enthusiasts.

There's no real need to warm up an engine for more than a minute before starting it. For a long time, all bikes used a carburettor for combustion. This type of engine tends to run poorly until appropriately warmed.

So, there is still a misconception that you must let the engine warm up before you start riding it. But it would be best if you were careful about hammering the throttle before the engine has gotten all nice and warm.

Riding a motorcycle gently for the first few miles is a good idea because putting the engine under extreme pressure while still cold increases the chances of damage and breakdown.

This damage is dangerous and can result in the maintenance fees burning a hole in your pocket. The best solution to counter this is investing in a good bike insurance that pays great dividends.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.