Why educating kids about different insurances is important and how can parents do this

Why educating kids about different insurances is important and how can parents do this  30th September 2022

Financial education is a topic being discussed like never before. What was previously seen as a taboo is now being openly discussed in live conversations and on various platforms on the internet by an audience of different age groups. As modern-day parenting involves breaking down finances by providing the privilege and freedom money brings, children are not far left behind.

Insurance is a fundamental component of sound financial management, which must be introduced to kids early. You can set an example by discussing different insurances with your child in simple words.

Why should you discuss insurance with kids?
You may wonder why discussing insurance with kids is of significance. Simply put, insurance is a mechanism that provides safety cover and teaches budgeting and saving, which are essential for efficient money management. People who have not been exposed to insurance at an early stage tend to take it for granted and realise its importance after reaching their 30s or 40s, when insurance providers hike up premiums, making insurance expensive.
By teaching your children the benefit of insurance, you are making them aware of contingencies, being prudent, and taking covers to monetarily protect themselves from any damage to their property or health. When taught at such an impressionable stage, concepts tend to stick for a lifetime and help in making conscious decisions relating to money.

How to bring up insurance with kids?
Insurance is a complex yet essential instrument that provides safety against contingencies in the future. While necessary, it wasn't easy to understand and pick one for your needs before digitalisation. However, the internet's plethora of resources makes it accessible to all. For example, you can buy your two wheeler insurance online India and show your children the complete process and its benefits.

1. Make use of your kid's prised possessions to pique their interest
Drawing and retaining a child's attention is challenging. However, you can easily explain different insurance types to children using what they hold dear- toys. Insurance protects what matters most from unintended damage. Use this concept to get your child's attention. Insurance discussions with children do not have to be formal and provide the best results when introduced naturally.
Playtime provides the best opportunity to introduce insurance. Using imaginary scenarios and functional characters, you can use them to explain the unpredictability of the future and the need for a safety net.

2. Use of digital resources:
Recently, resources like online courses have seen a rapid increase in demand. Similarly, online creators on platforms cater to simplifying finance for non-specialists, and a specific niche for kids is also developing. Since kids of this generation occupy the maximum screen time, it becomes easy to introduce financial habits in uncomplicated terms through visuals and digital content.

3. Involve your child in making financial decisions:
Choosing where to spend your money is essential to building an ample savings amount and helps determine the individual's financial acumen. Once you have introduced the topics to your child, give them a weekly or monthly allowance of a minimal sum that is enough to purchase a small value item like a snack, and then ask them where they would prefer to direct the balance amount.
You can guide them to invest their money to safeguard their valuable assets like their two-wheelers by researching themselves and investing in the two wheeler insurance online India. Let them know the wonders insurance can have in one's life due to its seamless benefits. This way, your child will gain practical exposure in a controlled environment.

Financial literacy is not obtained overnight and is a healthy discussion that should be initiated at the earliest stage possible. It allows for a greater sense of responsibility in children. The best way to inculcate this habit is through regular discussions about savings and managing wants and needs.

You might give your child a pretty bike or a scooter once they cross 18 years of age. Still, your next step should be advising and motivating them to self-understand the importance of crucial financial investments like insurance. They can start by using the internet for their analysis and learn to invest in two wheeler insurance online India not just to safeguard their asset but more to learn the power of smart investing!

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.