Why is wearing a seatbelt during a ride always a good habit

Why is wearing a seatbelt during a ride always a good habit  30th January 2023

Road accidents in India are estimated at around 2 Lakhs per year, the highest in the world. This mainly happens as people fail to follow traffic rules, over-speeding their vehicles, and also the poor road conditions.

The government of India has set a few stringent rules and regulations for drivers. They are made to bring down the number of injuries and accidents. Wearing a seat belt is one of the essential practices of road safety that save lives in case of a crash. However, most people tend to ignore this simple yet crucial safety measure. They find it uncomfortable, unnecessary, and bothersome. This has caused many people to compromise their safety and surrender to a life-threatening event.

This article will briefly describe the various advantages of wearing a seat belt.

1. Holds you in one position:
You can undergo substantial damage if your car is moving at a great speed, and you suddenly crash. Without a seat belt, you can be thrown here and there. You can even jerk out of the car if the speed and collision impact is too high. It can result in severe injuries and even death. Hence, the seatbelt is extremely important.
If the car starts spinning or skidding, the seat belt will hold you firm in one place. If you do not buckle up, you are likely to get into a crash.

2. Restricts ejection:
As discussed earlier, if your car is moving at high speed, you are likely to be ejected out of the vehicle. It has happened a lot of times during car crashes or accidents. It happens mostly because the driver and passenger are not wearing seat belts. This causes them to lose control of their positions. Therefore, they are ejected out of the car.
With a seat belt, you will be firmly tied to your seat. This increases your chances of survival during an accident as the airbags will bear the impact, keeping you safe.

3. Matches the speed of the vehicle:
In general physics, our body tends to move with the speed of the vehicle. For instance, your body would do the same if the vehicle is at high speed and comes to a jolt. You are likely to hit the steering wheel or dashboard in this situation. If you're buckled up, this will not happen. It will keep you secured to your seat so that your body slows down with the vehicle. Seatbelts help you to adapt to varying speeds.

4. Force distribution:
With the seatbelt, the force of a crash is distributed to the stronger parts of your body. You will not be restricted to delicate areas like the head, abdomen, or chest. Your body will be prepared better to deal with a crash with a seatbelt. The chances of injury also decrease.

5. Protects your brain and spinal cord:
A car crash is most likely to cause brain and spinal cord injuries. This can affect you significantly and cause irreparable damage like temporary or permanent disabilities. They can even be fatal. A seatbelt protects you from these life-threatening car crashes.

Most road accidents take place with people not wearing their seat belts. Many lives could be saved if we agreed to follow all road safety rules. It is best practice to buckle up the seatbelt before starting your car. Avoid overspeeding and ensure that the seatbelt is accurately fitting and neither too loose nor too tight. Safety is paramount, and the next step to ensuring it is insurance. You should buy motor insurance online to protect your vehicle from any potential damages. Keep the stress of finances at bay and enjoy an array of benefits if you decide to equip your plan with various add-ons.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.