With retro motorcycles trending, here are some classic features to look out for!

With retro motorcycles trending, here are some classic features to look out for!  30th March 2023

India is a country that has forever favoured 2-wheelers. With their cost-effectiveness, fuel efficiency, and ease of handling, the Indian 2-wheeler market will only grow multifold in the coming years! While manufacturers constantly launch new models that solve existing concerns in response to consumer feedback, what's classic never goes out of fashion.

One such model which is gaining popularity is Retro motorcycles. They are coming back in trend again! Apart from being a status symbol, various reasons have resulted in the popularity of retro bikes. They have been the favourite of Indians for many generations. People love riding these as they are classy, elegant, and highly durable.

Motorcycle enthusiasts prefer these retro motorcycles as they are suitable for varied terrains and long rides due to their sturdiness and comfort. Their additional safety features offer benefits similar to no other bike. Coupled with comprehensive bike insurance, you have a safe mode of a personal commute!

Despite the glitz around these classic bikes, buying your first retro bike as a beginner can be overwhelming. If you're confused about the features you should consider before purchasing a retro motorcycle, here's a quick guide to ease the process.

1. Longevity
Classic retro bikes are incredibly durable. Their quality justifies the hefty amount spent on these bikes. The vintage designs are built to last for years without hassles. Think of them as an investment in the long run, as they are heavy-duty and usually last for decades. Having a classy retro bike doubles the appeal of your parking area.

2. The comfort
These bikes come with comfy seats, an upright handlebar position for a straight riding posture, and uncluttered controls or switches. You can easily get the functions right and go along your way. They also have a high torque level and offer a pleasurable riding experience.

3. Improved engine
Engine power is essential to the biking experience. One of the greatest USPs of these bikes is their improved engines and loud revving thunder. You should always see if the bike you opt for has the latest engine and a high capacity. Also, look for shock absorbers and a secure braking system for efficient high-speed control and easy driving.

4. Practicality
Do not compromise on everyday functionality for the sake of aesthetics. Robust construction, wide tyres, and better ground clearance are required for multi-terrain use. Before purchasing a retro bike, you should keep these things in mind for the best motorcycling experience.

5. Colour options
Retro motorcycles are renowned for their classic designs and vibrant colours. Although it is a minor factor, it can contribute a lot to your style statement. You can either get them in monotone or dual shades.

Classic and retro motorcycles are incredibly well-known in India and beyond. Everyone loves owning one for themselves. It is a status symbol and a matter of pride for all. They appear vintage yet attract the youth! Hence, buying the best and most durable motorcycle for you is recommended. You can buy bike insurance for added protection to complement the safety it offers. This can protect you against the cost of damages from an accident and help preserve the value of your highly-valued retro motorbike.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.