Wonder why two-wheelers are petrol-fuelled

Wonder why two-wheelers are petrol-fuelled  27th February 2023

With private modes of transport becoming more popular, the number of vehicles on the roads and policyholders of car and 2 wheeler insurance is only increasing daily. While the automotive industry welcomes the increased demand, it is an exciting prospect for industry watchers. As consumer preferences shift towards more sustainable alternatives across all purchases without a massive increase in budgets, alternative fuel offerings have emerged in recent years.

Why are petrol two-wheelers with a spark-ignition internal combustion engine still seeing steady demand despite the trend? Read on to know why petrol continues to be the most preferred fuel for two-wheelers.

Petrol engine:
A petrol engine is an internal combustion device designed to transform thermal energy into mechanical energy by the spark ignition of gasoline.

The benefits of gasoline engines:
● The power output is excellent
● The cost of buying a gasoline engine is lower than a diesel engine
● Petrol engines burn gasoline more sustainably than diesel engines and have a better price-to-power ratio
● Petrol engines are quieter and vibration-free
● Petrol engines cost less to service and maintain
● Naturally, petrol engines gain from being simpler to adjust and tune up
● They are light and effortless to operate
● Despite being flammable and explosive, it is simple and safe to store the gasoline
● Almost no other source of energy has a higher energy density than gasoline

Reasons for not using diesel engines in two-wheelers:
● Comparing the two engines, the carbon-dioxide output from the diesel engine is roughly 13% more per 3.8 litres. As a result, it pollutes more than a petrol engine and is unhealthy for the environment.
● Fuel pumps, glow plugs, and other components are necessary for diesel engines, and their combined cost will raise the bike's overall price.
● Diesel engines have lower RPM than gasoline engines but provide higher torque. Therefore, it is not appropriate for motorcycles where we require great speed.
● Because diesel engine combustion occurs due to auto detonation, diesel engines vibrate more than gasoline engines.
● A diesel engine is heavier than a gasoline engine and cannot be used in a motorcycle or other small vehicle.
● The engine block must be more vital to resist more excellent compression ratios because they result in higher pressure applied to the cylinder. This makes the cost of diesel engines higher than that of gasoline engines.
● Diesel engines use fuel injector technology, which is more expensive than the spark plug technology used in gasoline engines, to pump fuel into the combustion chamber.

Petrol engines are used in two-wheelers because they are slick, lighter, quieter, better at picking up, and require less maintenance, among other reasons. Petrol is significantly easier to ignite than other fuels and burns more efficiently. Gas engines are lighter, stronger, and more responsive than diesel engines. Diesel engines often have a slower throttle response than gasoline engines, which makes them less ideal for bikes.

While petrol may be a better alternative than diesel, it is essential to consider its hazardous nature and use it accordingly. Practice recommended fuel-filling habits that preserve the longevity of your engine and purchase comprehensive 2 wheeler insurance to protect your bike from any contingencies.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.