Wondering why your motor insurance premium is so high? Fuel may be the reason

Wondering why your motor insurance premium is so high? Fuel may be the reason  02nd January 2023

While electric vehicles are capturing the vehicle market, petrol and diesel-based cars still need to be put in trend. Maximum Indian citizens today own fuel-based vehicles, be it two-wheeler or a four-wheeler. But these fuel-based cars also have a history of superseding one another. Petrol cars have always been the favoured alternative amongst fuel-based vehicles.

Initially, diesel usage focused on heavy vehicles operated for commercial purposes like duty trucks, etc. But with the advancement of technology today, diesel vehicles have become widely popular and opted for daily use vehicles like passenger cars.

But do you know that your motor insurance premium changes for the type of car you use? Fuel may be the reason. Want to know how? Without any further delay, let’s get started.

1. How much is your car’s price:
Diesel-powered and petrol-powered cars are priced differently in the Indian market. Usually, the price of vehicles that have diesel-powered engines is high when compared to their petrol-powered counterparts. A higher price directly reflects on the motor insurance and premium prices.
Therefore, the more expensive a car you have, the higher the motor insurance premium you have to pay. So, figure out the maintenance and premium charges you will have to pay in the future and create a budget in advance so that you do not get surprises of additional premiums like motor insurance.

2. Repair influences the premium charges:
Yes! Even the cost of repair influences the motor insurance premium prices. The repair charges for diesel-based vehicles are much higher than those for petrol-based cars. Therefore, the company charges high premiums for your motor insurance to help cover the claims if you make any in the future. Similarly, if your car has expensive spare parts or is priced in the high-end range, the companies will charge you high motor insurance premiums.
This proves that fuel has a massive impact on premium charges. Having this information before you make any purchase will help you put things into perspective, especially budget-wise. Many factors should be considered when someone decides to purchase a car, one of which is the motor insurance, its premium charges, claims, add-ons, and other features which vary from one insurance provider to another.

3. Is your car fuel efficient:
Fuel efficiency is another influencing factor that determines higher motor insurance premiums. While petrol-powered cars have great starting and ignition power, diesel-based cars are beneficial for vehicles purchased to last longer.

4. Let’s have a look at the engine:
The engine capacity of your petrol-powered car is lesser than that of diesel-based cars, thus raising the motor insurance premium prices for diesel-powered vehicles. The better the engine capacity, the higher the premium. Who knew that fuel could be such a powerful influencing factor in the premium prices of motor insurance?

5. Cannot miss IDV (Insurance Declared Value):
If the market value estimation is high, the IDV will be increased, directly impacting the premium. Usually, the IDV of diesel-based cars is high, which leads to a rise in premium prices.

We hope this blog gives you a crisp and clear idea about your motor insurance premium charges. This will help you arrive at a decision or educate you about motor insurance and what factors impact the premiums which will come out of your pocket. And there is no doubt about how crucial it is to purchase motor insurance to protect your car and yourself against the financial burden.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.