Your guide to buying the best second-hand car in Mumbai

Your guide to buying the best second-hand car in Mumbai  30th January 2023

Pre-owned cars, often known as used cars, are very economical, available in good condition and have a lower depreciation rate. These benefits make buying used cars a good idea and fulfil the dream of every person to own a car.

Banks and NBFCs even provide used car loans with affordable interest rates and quick processing times to make owning a used car simple. In a city like Mumbai, you'll find multiple options for second-hand or pre-owned cars in various regions. There are numerous certified dealers with a wide range of cars to choose from.

Here is how to find the ideal used car at the most competitive price if you want to purchase it in Mumbai.

1. Check with family and close friends:
First, ask people you know for recommendations while searching for a used car. There may be someone you know who wants to sell their vehicle. Because of the added trust factor, you can be confident that you are getting the best value for your money. Even better, you may ask them to let you borrow the car for a few days. This way, you can test drive it and decide whether you will be interested in buying it.

2. Purchase and sale on social media pages:
Social media groups are another way to connect directly with sellers and avoid the fees that middlemen charge. For buying used cars in Mumbai, there are specific social media groups. Until you find a vehicle you want, you can search for ads offering used cars for sale. The good thing about these groups is that you can talk to the seller directly, negotiate the best price, and set up a time to look at the car before you buy it. You can also view actual images of the cars for sale.

3. Used-car gateways:
You might also check out online marketplaces that specialise in selling pre-owned automobiles. Retailers selling directly to consumers conduct the necessary audits before establishing their car prices.

4. Nearby used-car dealerships and garages:
You can also rely on a trusted mechanic in a nearby garage. These experts also know individuals who are planning to sell their cars. A technician can provide you with valuable information on any pre-owned cars currently on the market and point you in the right direction.
Another option is to go to a used car dealer. Always bring along a car fanatic or a mechanic who knows a lot about cars and can help you choose a perfect car.

5. Resellers with permission:
With a good reputation, carmakers have approved resellers who purchase and resell their brand's products. You can go directly to a reseller if you are searching for a specific make and model or have faith in a certain brand. Mumbai is home to many resellers who can provide safe and excellent cars.

You can apply for a loan once you have selected a used car to purchase. Here, a pre-owned car loan calculator comes in handy to estimate the EMI you would be required to pay. Follow these steps to locate the best buying spots in Mumbai and get great deals on different categories of pre-owned cars.

Get coverage for accidental damages by comparing and selecting the best car insurance company in India from leading four-wheeler insurers. If a policyholder's car is damaged or stolen because of something out of their control, the car insurance will pay for it. So, once you buy your pre-owned car, ensure that you also invest in your car's safety along with the transfer of registration and other essential documents.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.