Your guide to choosing a perfect vehicle according to the family's needs

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Your guide to choosing a perfect vehicle according to the family's needs  21st March 2022


Purchasing a four-wheeler is a huge deal for most of the families in India even today. Determining the budget, brand, model, etc., takes a lot of research. It requires a lot of time to finalise a vehicle that suits your needs. Arranging the funds and loans can also be a tedious process.

But how do you decide on so many options? This blog is your guide to choosing a perfect vehicle according to your family’s needs.

1. Figure out your needs:
It is always good to start with setting your priorities. Discuss the type of car you need with your family. Do you need a statement car for occasional drives or long-distance travel? Jot down the factors in order.

2. Think about other factors that come with owning a car:
Purchasing a car is just the first step towards owning a vehicle. You need to consider the costs of servicing, repairing, maintenance, car insurance, renewal, loans, etc., before buying a four-wheeler.

3. Fix your budget:
Figuring out your budget probably takes precedence over any other factor while purchasing a vehicle. Your budget comprises all the charges apart from the cost of the car. This includes service charges, maintenance costs, insurance, etc. You also need to understand the various types of applicable taxes, for example, road tax. Determine the overall cost before going ahead with your final choice.

4. Determine the features:
All cars have different models and versions that come with various features. But, understand that with these features, the prices also increase. You need to check the ideal features of the car for you and your family.

5. Fuel efficiency:
With the rising petrol and diesel prices, purchasing a car and maintaining it has become a costly business. And the soaring fuel prices influence purchasing decisions. So, a fuel-efficient vehicle would definitely do justice to your needs.

6. Space is important:
You would want your car to be spacious. A bigger vehicle allows you to ride comfortably during long-distance travel or holiday trips. It also gives you the freedom to carry your belongings without congestion. Make a purchase depending on your family’s convenience and requirements.

7. Safety has to be a priority:
Along with the cost of the vehicle, safety should also be your top priority. The car you purchase must have advanced safety features to protect the driver and the passengers during accidents. Ensure to discuss and understand the safety features with the car dealer before finalising your option.

Other factors to consider while choosing your four-wheeler are the way you drive, the requirement of parking space, whether you would want to lease or buy, automatic or manual, cruise control, resale value, comfort during the test drive, etc. Ensure that you are satisfied with the performance before making the payment.

The above tips help you to choose the perfect vehicle for your family. It is essential to get your car insured to protect it against any damages caused by unprecedented circumstances. Explore your options and purchase the best car insurance in India that will cater to your needs in the best way possible.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.