Zebra crossing: Why most drivers often ignore it

Zebra crossing: Why most drivers often ignore it  29th November 2022

Zebra crossings worldwide provide pedestrians with a safe option to cross the roads amidst heavy traffic. While road rules might differ from country to country, the purpose of zebra crossing stays the same. When drivers see people waiting to cross the street at one end of the black-and-white stripes, they usually apply their brakes to allow pedestrians to cross the road.

However, unfortunately, most drivers tend to ignore the zebra crossing, nullifying the purpose and putting the safety of pedestrians at risk.

Skipping the zebra crossing deprives pedestrians of the chance to cross the road safely. And being ignorant on the road isn't just a threat to pedestrians; it also puts your vehicles at a high risk of damage. To avoid landing in such trouble and causing significant damage to your car, you must follow the traffic rules strictly and consider getting car insurance India to prevent monetary stress in unprecedented situations.

Where does the problem lie?

Many drivers don't obey traffic lights and make an emergency stop over the zebra crossings, making it hard for pedestrians to use the approved crossing path on roads that are already crowded. Surprisingly, although zebra crossings are present at busy intersections, traffic officials are somehow lenient toward automobiles occupying zebra crossings.

As a result, when attempting to cross the road, people frequently need to use their running skills to safely reach the other side without being hit by any vehicle. When the traffic lights malfunction, it becomes more challenging as the traffic is set loose.

Due to the chaotic traffic, school children wait several minutes to cross roads safely. Most kids assume that because they have learned about zebra crossing since they were little, cars will stop so that they may cross. However, the truth is different.

Unfortunately, many drivers don't know the importance of zebra crossings, and even the public works department doesn't care enough to paint them often. Public awareness campaigns on traffic etiquette are required.

Determining the requirement of a crossing.

Zebra crossings are used on roads with much traffic and where fewer people can cross the road at signal-controlled crossings. Many surveys of busy traffic intersections reveal that pedestrians find it extremely difficult to cross the road.

Also, personal injury accident data showed that most common accidents involving pedestrians happen at busy crossings.

If you're a pedestrian waiting at zebra crossings, then remember to:

● Give incoming traffic plenty of time to see you and stop before crossing

● Wait until both directions of incoming traffic have stopped or the road is clear before crossing

● Look for the traffic signals and avoid crossing in a hurry

If you're a driver, then remember to:

● Watch out for the traffic signal from far and accordingly prepare to halt

● Avoid halting over the zebra crossing and keep it clear for pedestrians to walk

● Never jump the traffic signal

Additionally, keep in mind that:

● Normal drivers tend to ignore crossings that are not frequently used

● Drivers require more time to manage their vehicles when the road is slick

● Cross the street only when the traffic is stopped

Drivers must keep all these things in mind while driving and follow the rules carefully to avoid collisions with pedestrians. Be responsible, follow traffic rules religiously, and avoid over-speeding on the roads. Prioritise your safety, fasten seat belts before beginning your journey, keep all the required documents handy, and purchase a valid insurance policy. Buy the best car insurance India not just because it is mandatory but more as a financial shield to protect you and your valuable asset in case of accidents.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.