Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber liability insurance coverage is designed to protect businesses from Internet-based risks. Basically the policy covers liability and expenses arising from the theft or loss of data, as well as liability and expenses arising from a breach of data security or privacy.

a) Third Party Losses

  • Claims from Information Security Breach -Covers third party claims arising from breach of Information Security. This includes Data Confidentiality breach, Third Party Reputational Liability, legal costs and fees etc
  • Claims from Data Protection Breach - Covers claims arising from Data Protection breach, leading to proceedings by the regulator or any other authority or administrative body or brought by any other professional body 

b) First Party Losses

  • Forensic Examinations
  • Notification Costs
  • Public Relations Costs
  • Identity Monitoring
  • Recovery of Insured’s Data and Software
  • Business Interruption

c) Optional Sections

  • Media Liability
  • PCI DSS Costs and Penalties
  • Cyber Threat and Extortion

This policy does not cover liability:

  • Bodily Injury to any person or Property Damage.
  • A deliberate or reckless breach of duty, contract, statute or regulation.
  • Breach of anti-trust or competition law. 
  • Any claim by an Insured person or company against another Insured person or company. 
  • Any Computer System or Network that is not owned or operated by the Insured or operated by a Third Party Supplier.
  • Shutdown of Computer System or Network planned by the Insured or a Third Party Supplier.
  • Any claim arising from a Product.
  • War and Terrorism 
  • Others as per Policy



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