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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

‘Health is Wealth’ is an evergreen adage and will always remain so. While medical advancements and health consciousness have gained momentum, adversities can still knock at our doors anytime. This is where insuring ones health comes in to play.


We at Magma HDI, provide tailor-made solutions to one’s health insurance needs. Along with multiple plan options to choose from, we also offer payment of your health policy premium in installments, additional riders and much more. Scroll down to buy health insurance online.

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Why Health Insurance?

Even after significant medical advancements and shift in people’s lifestyle, we cannot write off the fact that ailments can strike without a warning. For this very reason, a health insurance cover is imperative for you and your family. This will not only assure you a worry-free treatment but also save you from running out of your valuable savings. To top it all, buying online health insurance is now both, easy and rewarding.

Health Insurance Policies

The health insurance policy not only protects us from illness and accidents but also has additional benefits like:

  • Health check ups
  • Wellness
  • Out-Patient cover

Take a look at our comprehensive Health Insurance Policies


Magma HDI’s OneHealth is a comprehensive solution to your and your family’s health insurance needs. It not only covers financial burdens arising out of an illness, but also offers rewards on being fit. Indeed, a true friend in sickness and in health. Additional covers like Personal Accident, Critical Illness etc. are also available with this plan.

OneHealth Senior

With two plan options (Platinum and Gold) and nine optional covers (Enhanced Post-hospitalization, Reduction in Co-payment, Increase in Co-payment, Nursing at Home, OPD Cover, Recharge of Sum Insured, Hospital Cash, Cumulative Bonus and Non-payable expense Cover) to choose from, it looks after the people who have always looked after us.
OneHealth Senior. For our veterans, with love.

OneHealth Extra Cover

A super top-up plan that goes an extra mile to give you a superior experience by providing a host of benefits and five optional covers that include Guaranteed Cumulative Bonus (GCB), Reduction of pre-existing disease waiting period, Worldwide Hospitalization Cover, Personal Accident Cover and Non-payable Expense Cover.
OneHealth Extra Cover, it goes the extra mile.

Individual Personal Accident

By definition, accidents are unexpected incidents. Any such uncertainty may lead to a financial crisis, which is why it is recommended to be protected by Individual Personal Accident Insurance. It provides necessary financial assistance in case of accidental death, bodily injuries and disabilities (Partial / Permanent / Temporary). Other rider benefits include Hospital Confinement Allowance and Medical Expense Cover.

Arogya Sanjeevani

‘Health is wealth’ is not just a proverb, but also a mind-set. Medical issues erode your health and money. Health insurance like Arogya Sanjeevani is a tested means to protect the latter.
With a policy period of 1 year and lifetime renewability, Arogya Sanjeevani is available in both Individual as well as Family Floater plans. It has some very useful features like Pre and Post Hospitalization, AYUSH and Cataract treatment, Cumulative Bonus, Day Care Treatment, etc.

Corona Kavach

While we are all taking the requisite precautions against the Corona Virus, we understand that Covid-19 can still hit us. How about having a Health Insurance plan that takes care of your medical expenses after you get diagnosed with Covid-19?
With a waiting period of just 15 days, Corona Kavach is all you can ask for to safeguard yourself and your family’s financial needs while getting treatment for Covid-19.

Saral Suraksha Bima

If only we could predict accidents, could we choose not to cover ourselves with a Health Insurance Plan. With base covers like Accidental Death, Permanent Total Disablement due to accident and Permanent Partial Disablement due to accident; Saral Suraksha Bima would be a good choice to cover yourself and your family. Optional covers include Temporary Total Disablement, Hospitalisation Expenses due to accident and Education Grant.

Janata Personal Accident

Janata Personal Accident is a group health insurance product that covers you against accidental death and permanent disabilities. Products like Janata Personal Accident will help you remain stress-free in uncertain times of accident. It also provides necessary financial assistance when you need it the most.

Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance has been designed to offer comprehensive health coverage to people belonging to a particular group, most common being the cover offered by employers to their employees and their families.

Group Accident Suraksha

Like Group Health, this product too has been designed to offer comprehensive health cover to people belonging to a group often an employer-employee relationship. Group Accident Suraksha offered to corporates covers individual employees against accidental deaths, permanent disablement, partial disablement and total temporary disablement. The benefits may vary depending on the cover opted by the group policyholder.

Loan Guard

Our Loan Guard Insurance policy gives a lump sum amount in case of an accident or a critical illness, that helps you pay off your debts as well as take care of other needs like treatment cost, rehabilitation and so on.

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Saksham Health Insurance

We are committed to providing the best possible health care to all members of our community. Sakshma Health Insurance is designed for people suffering from a defined health disability and HIV / AIDS. Our insurance covers a wide range of medical services, such as in-patient treatment, pre-and post-hospitalization, cataract treatment etc.

Benefits of buying Online Health Insurance:

  • Comparing plan options has never been this easy
  • You can choose from a wide range of plans depending upon the life stage you’re in
  • You can look for consistency in services and claim settlements by doing full-fledged online research

Here are a few tips to make a wise decision for:


  • Choose a policy early on in life
  • Choose adequate sum insured keeping in mind health needs for later years of life
  • Look for fitness benefits


  • Insure everyone from adults to infants in your family
  • The treatments for disorders of old age should also be covered

Senior citizens:

  • Try and increase the Sum Insured with a top up plan
  • Check for waiting periods for any pre-existing conditions
  • Ensure that you are thorough with the claims process and services of the insurers

Securing your and your family’s health is the need of the hour. And it’s easier than ever to buy health insurance online.




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