OneHealth Insurance Policy

When medical emergencies strike, you not only have to go through physical and mental pain, but also have to deal with financial losses. The least you can do is be prepared for these emergencies. Our OneHealth Insurance policy helps you do just that. It’s a comprehensive insurance policy that pays your hospital bills, offers a no-claims bonus, rewards you for staying fit, offers discounts on premium… the list just goes on!


We also offer an option to pay your health policy premium in installments in all our health indemnity insurance products. You can opt this at the time of buying or at the time of renewal. Please connect with your relationship manager or call on our call center 1800 266 3202 to know more.

A range of insurance plans to choose from
Optional covers of critical illness and accidents
Optional covers to reduce your premium
Cashless hospitalization across 7200+ hospitals
24x7 claim assistance

How much do you need to pay?

Your OneHealth Insurance premium depends on following factors:

plan type

Individual or Floater

plan Opted

5 plan options to choose from

Sum Insured

2 Lakh to 1 Crore SI options


OPTIONAL COVERS You can opt deductible or Co-pay


completed years of age


You can opt lump sum benefit covers CI and PA


Zone 1, 2 or 3 as per your choice

Policy Tenure

(1 year, 2 year or 3 year policy)

Insure your health in 3 easy steps

Step 01

Magma HDI's OneHealth Plans

You have 5 plan options to choose from. Each plan has Sum Insured options . Choose a plan and Sum insured option keeping in mind the present and future health needs of you and your family.



Sum Insured Options

Rs 2 Lacs
Rs 3 Lacs
Rs 4 Lacs
Rs 5 Lacs



Sum Insured Options

Rs 2 Lacs
Rs 3 Lacs
Rs 4 Lacs
Rs 5 Lacs
Rs 7.5 Lacs
Rs 10 Lacs


Support Plus

Sum Insured Options

Rs 2 Lacs
Rs 3 Lacs
Rs 4 Lacs
Rs 5 Lacs
Rs 7.5 Lacs
Rs 10 Lacs



Sum Insured Options

Rs 5 Lacs
Rs 7.5 Lacs
Rs 10 Lacs
Rs 15 Lacs
Rs 20 Lacs
Rs 25 Lacs
Rs 30 Lacs
Rs 50 Lacs



Sum Insured Options

Rs 10 Lacs
Rs 15 Lacs
Rs 20 Lacs
Rs 25 Lacs
Rs 30 Lacs
Rs 50 Lacs
Rs 1 Cr
Step 02

Additional Covers

We have designed these covers to enhance your coverage further. Covers you can buy at an additional premium.

Critical Illness Cover
Critical Illness Cover

Know more

personal accidental cover
Personal Accident Cover

Know more

one health insurance cover
A lump sum amount is paid if the insured person suffers from one of the 11 defined critical illness
  • Cancer of Specified Severity
  • Myocardial Infarction (First Heart Attack of specific severity)
  • Open Chest CABG
  • Open Heart Replacement or Repair of Heart Valves
  • Coma of Specified Severity
  • Kidney Failure requiring Regular Dialysis
  • Stroke resulting in Permanent Symptoms
  • Major Organ/Bone Marrow Transplant
  • Permanent paralysis of Limbs
  • Motor Neuron Disease with Permanent Symptoms
  • Multiple Sclerosis with Persisting Symptoms
personal accidental cover

A lump sum amount is paid in the event of permanent total disability or death of the insured person, due to accidental injuries.

Nature of Disablement Percentage of Limit for Personal Accident Cover payable
Total and irrecoverable loss of sight of both eyes 100%
Actual loss by physical separation of two entire hands 100%
Actual loss by physical separation of two entire feet 100%
Actual loss by physical separation of one entire hand and one entire foot 100%
Total & irrecoverable loss of sight of one eye 50%
Actual loss by physical separation of one entire hand or of one entire foot 50%
Total and irrecoverable loss of use of a hand or a foot without physical separation 50%
If such Injury shall, as a direct consequence thereof, immediately, permanently, totally and absolutely, disable the Insured Person from engaging in any employment or occupation of any description 100%
Step 03
Optimize your premium

These optional cover can be opted to reduce premium. By opting this you agree to cost sharing at the time of claim.

You can reduce your premium by opting for

  • Co-payment:  At the time of claim the insured will be paying a part of the expense
  • Deductible:  We will pay only for the amount over and above the deductible, up to the sum insured limit
Voluntary Co-payment

Co-Pay Option


Deductible Amounts


Sum Insured Options (lacs) (₹) 2L 3L 4L 5L
Deductible Options (lacs) (₹) 1L | 2L | 3L 1L | 2L | 3L 1L | 2L | 3L | 4L 1L | 2L | 3L | 4L | 5L


Sum Insured Options (lacs) (₹) 2L | 3L 4L 5L 7.5L 10L
Deductible Options (lacs) (₹) 1L | 2L | 3L 1L | 2L | 3L | 4L 1L | 2L | 3L | 4L | 5L 2L | 3L | 4L | 5L 2L | 3L | 4L | 5L| 10L

Support Plus

Sum Insured Options (lacs) (₹) 2L | 3L 4L 5L 7.5L 10L
Deductible Options (lacs) (₹) 1L | 2L | 3L 1L | 2L | 3L | 4L 1L | 2L | 3L | 4L | 5L 2L | 3L | 4L | 5L 2L | 3L | 4L | 5L | 10L


Sum Insured Options (lacs) (₹) 5L 7.5L 10L | 15L | 20L 25L |30L |50L
Deductible Options (lacs) (₹) 1L| 2L | 3L | 4L |5L 2L| 3L|4L |5L 2L | 3L | 4L | 5L | 10L 3L | 4L | 5L | 10L


Sum Insured Options (lacs) (₹) 10L | 15L | 20L 25L | 30L 50L 1Cr
Deductible Options (lacs) (₹) 2L | 3L | 4L | 5L | 10L 3L | 4L | 5L | 10L 3L | 4L | 5L | 10L 5L | 10L
Policy Duration Discounts

Discounts available on single premium payment

10% 2 YEARS
12.5% 3 YEARS

Each OneHealth insurance plan has…

  • Base covers
  • Additional covers

Base covers are meant for...

  • Various medical expenses maximum up to the Sum Insured limit

Key benefits under base covers

  • Modern treatment procedures including Robotics surgery, oral chemotherapy etc. are covered
  • In-patient hospitalisation: for hospitalisation expenses like doctor's fees, operation theatre cost, surgery cost, anaesthetist’s charges and nurse’s charges
  • Day care treatment cover: For expenses towards modern procedures that don’t require 24 hour hospitalisation, eg: a cataract surgery
  • Pre-hospitalisation cover: For expenses incurred before admission to a hospital
  • Post-hospitalisation cover: For expenses after discharge from a hospital
  • Ambulance cover: for expenses towards emergency road ambulance assistance
  • Organ donor expense cover: For hospitalisation expenses of the person who is donating an organ to the insured person
  • Domiciliary hospitalisation cover: For expenses of hospitalisation at home in case a patient cannot be taken to a hospital or if hospital beds are unavailable
  • AYUSH cover: For non-allopathic treatment like Ayurveda
  • IVF treatment cover
  • Bariatric surgery cover
  • Psychiatric cover
  • Lasik surgery cover

Additional covers offer benefits that are over and above the Sum Insured limits.

  • Cumulative bonus : Which once accrued is not reduced, even if you make a claim
  • Free annual health check-up : For all adult insured persons, irrespective of claims

Your OneHealth policy gives you a host of other benefits. Please refer to our policy document for details.

Some conditions are not covered in your policy. While a few others are, after a defined waiting period

Initial waiting period

  • For all treatment expenses, except accidents, the initial waiting period of 30 days is applicable
  • For the critical illness cover, the initial waiting period is 90 days

Specific disease waiting period

  • For some defined illnesses like cataract, hernia and joint replacement surgeries, a 2-year waiting period from the start date of the first policy is applicable

Pre-existing disease waiting period

  • For a pre-existing disease, a waiting period of 2 to 4 years (as per the plan you have opted for) is applicable

Permanent exclusions

The treatments related to permanently excluded conditions are not covered under this policy. Here are some examples

  • Treatment for alcohol abuse, substance abuse or addictive condition (code Excl 12)
  • Any alternative treatments expect benefit under AYUSH treatment section
  • Treatments for an illness or injury resulting from a nuclear or chemical contamination, war, riot and so on.
  • Drugs or treatments not supported by a prescription

For cover specific waiting periods, and complete list of exclusions and other details, please refer to our policy document.

If you are looking for insurance policy for your family you can opt for the individual polices for all members or a single family floater policy but please note that in floater policies the sum insured is shared between the family members

You can cover up to 4 adults and 3 children in our floater policies

You can opt the individual policy covering a single person or a family floater policy covering upto 4 adults and 3 children

  • Family includes self, spouse, dependent children, dependent parent(s), dependent parents-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, dependent grandchildren, dependent sister and dependent brother
  • For individual policy, minimum entry age 5 years and for family floater it is 91 days
  • Proposer (Policyholder) should be 18 years or above
  • No maximum entry age restriction

For covers, complete list of exclusions and other details, please refer to the policy wordings available at  

The advertisement contains only an indication of covers offered. Benefits may vary according to the plan opted for. For more details on Risk Factors and exclusions, please read the terms & conditions and sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale. Magma HDI General Insurance Co. Ltd. | | E-mail: | Registered Office: Development House, 24 Park Street, Kolkata – 700016. CIN: U66000WB2009PLC136327 | IRDAI Reg. No. 149 | OneHealth UIN: MAGHLIP22221V042122 | Trade logos displayed above belong to Poonawalla Fincorp Ltd. (formerly known as Magma Fincorp Ltd.) and HDI Global SE, and are being used by Magma HDI General Insurance Company Limited, under license.

Medical emergencies come as a surprise. To get the best medical facilities without a financial burden you will need a health insurance. Buying a health cover has become a necessity.

According to World Health Organization 31% and 47% of the hospital admissions in urban and rural India are either paid for by financial burdens like selling property or taking loans. Additionally as per the statistics, 70% of Indians spend their entire income on healthcare.

Health insurance is one way to get an insurance which covers all expenses related to:
  • Medical tests, doctor fees
  • Costs of the ambulance
  • Hospitalization charges
  • Post hospitalization charges which includes doctor visits, diagnostic tests and medicines.
How is health insurance beneficial?

Health insurance increases accessibility to quality healthcare, the private healthcare in particular where the costs remain a barrier for many. For families and individuals who do not have a mediclaim insurance, hospitalization means spending money out of the pocket to pay the hospital bills. Most Indians face the common situation when they do not have adequate cash to deal with a sudden medical emergency. In such a case a health insurance plan can act as a boon.

It will ensure that you get appropriate treatment in a timely manner. Irrespective of your financial capability, with an active policy you can avail the best treatment at any network of hospitals, with the clause that terms and conditions of the policy are met. After you have bought a health insurance policy, not only will it bring peace of mind but also you can avail the tax benefits under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

It can be a pain to browse through different online health insurance companies and compare quotes. Magma HDI's OneHealth Policy offers a one stop solution for all your health insurance needs. If you are looking for

health insurance policy for family or parents

then look no further as OneHealth plans offer additional covers that suit your family needs as well. You can opt for the individual polices for all members or a single family floater policy.




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