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Public Liability Non - Industrial Insurance

We cover your legal liabilities towards third party damages

Public liability arises if there is a failure of duty of reasonable care and the failure results in bodily injury or damage to property of third party. Public liability Insurance policy protects Insured against legal liability towards bodily injury/property damages to third party caused by accidents occurring at Insured’s premises. Public Liability Non-Industrial Policy is applicable for Non- Industrial risks such as hotels, offices, schools, restaurants etc.

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Public Liability Non - Industrial Insurance

The Public Liability - Non Industrial Insurance policy does not cover liability arising out of / or in connection with pollution, any product, personal injuries such as libel, slander, fines, penalties and punitive or exemplary damages and transportation of materials.

Depending on exposure, the proposer has to fix two limits of indemnity under the policy:

  • Any One Accident (AOA)
  • Any One Year (AOY)

AOA and AOY can be in the ratio of 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 or 1:4.

It is not permissible to issue insurance policy with unlimited liability.

Public liability insurance in India isn't compulsory (except for Public Liability Act Insurance as mandated by Public Liability Insurance Act 1991 for business dealing in hazardous goods) but businesses, because they have high level of exposure to public should include it in their insurance portfolio. It will come handy in case of a claim for bodily injury or damage to property suffered because of their business. For example if you run a hairdressing salon and a customer is burnt by hair straighteners that have been left switched on, or if you run a café and a supplier is injured when they slip on a wet floor, your

public liability insurance

can cover the legal fees and legal costs that may result due to such an eventuality.



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